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About Tibet
Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama PDF Print E-mail

His Holiness, the Dalai Lama: A Biography in brief


A truly remarkable and inspiring figure for people the world over, the Dalai Lamas unfailing commitment to non-violence in seeking a just solution for the people of Tibet, who, after 59 years, continue to suffer under Chinese rule, is a unique example of compassion and humanity the world should applaud.

Tibet Facts PDF Print E-mail
10 facts about Tibet (Updated March 2013)
Below are 10 key facts that give background and context to the Tibet issue and the position of Tibet and its people today.
Tibet: Chronology from 1900 PDF Print E-mail

From the start of the 20th Century to the present, Tibet has endured arguably the period of greatest change and hardship in its long history. This chronology outlines some of the major events to occur in this time. 

Tibet: Occupied since 1950 PDF Print E-mail

Imagine the UK overrun and occupied by a powerful and merciless neighbour.

Imagine every cathedral, parish church, country house and town hall reduced to rubble to wipe out our national identity and culture.

The Culture of Tibet PDF Print E-mail

Image Tibet is a land of monks and mystery, of high adventure - and high controversy.

Nomads herd their yaks, pilgrims make their way around sacred Mount Kailash, and monks chant in prayer halls lit by yak-butter lamps, but Chinese incursions threaten the survival of Tibetan civilisation.

So writes Michael Buckley, an adventure traveller who specialises in the Himalayan Region. Here is an extract from Buckley's book: Tibet - the Bradt Travel Guide:

Advice for tourists to Tibet PDF Print E-mail


The more people who visit Tibet, the more committed supporters there will be for the Tibetan cause. To visit Tibet is to be convinced of the outrage perpetrated on Tibetans and their culture. So writes Gyurme Dorje, author of a guidebook on Tibet. Gyurme's knowledge and experience is reflected in the following points of advice:


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