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Tibet Society highly recommends The Sun Behind The Clouds; tracing events in 2008, a year that saw a seed change in Tibetans struggle for justice, this film gives a moving, compelling and frank appraisal of the complexities faced within the Tibet movement, the anguish of exile and the intensifying frustrations and resistance inside Tibet. The narrative weaves all the strands together with an unassuming but penetrating insight. Essential viewing for anyone with an interest in Tibet and human rights, and is also a thought provoking introduction to the issue of Tibet.

ImageOn 27 March, Tibet Society, Students for a Free Tibet and Tibetan Community of Britain jointly hosted a screening of The Sun Behind the Clouds in central London. Following the screening, filmgoers had the opportunity to ask directors Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam, and Thubten Samdup, the Dalai Lama's representative for the UK and northern Europe, questions about the film and the Tibet movement. A wide range of questions were put to the panel, with many people complimenting Ritu and Tenzing on the film and thanking them for making such a useful and inspiring film.

It was very encouraging to hear that Tibetan and Chinese language versions of the film are being worked on and will be available soon for distribution inside China and, hopefully, Tibet, and also for Chinese people living outside of mainland China. This kind of outreach is immensely valuable in furthering understanding within Chinese communities of why Tibetans feel as they do. If watched inside Tibet, it will give hope and encouragement to Tibetans that their ongoing plight is not forgotten.

It is planned for the film to be released on DVD later this year; Tibet Society will keep you posted! | Film's website |

Image Image 

Above left: The panel take questions following the screening of The Sun Behind the Clouds; from left, Thubten Samdup,
the Dalai Lama's representative for the UK and northern Europe, teh film's directors, Tenzing Sonam and Ritu Sarin, and Q&A chair, Philippa Carrick, CEO Tibet Society; above right, Tenzing Sonam, Thubten Samdup, Ritu Sarin and Philippa Carrick.

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