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Dramatic video footage from Ngaba PDF Print E-mail
[21 April] Voice of America (VOA) has released dramatic video footage from Ngaba (Ch: Aba), showing the monk who immolated himself on 16 March and the subsequent influx of armed soldiers into the area, including the blockade of Kirti monastery.

The video, shows Phuntsok sitting in a vehicle immediately after his immolation, whilst still alive, but covered in burns. (Phuntsok died at 3am the following day in Kirti monastery.) The footage then goes on to show the build-up of troops in the town over the following days. Armed troops and military vehicles are seen on the streets, at the entrance to Kirti monastery and at checkpoints around the town. There is also footage from Phuntsok's funeral, attended by 2,000 people.

[25 April] VOA have uploaded an edited version of the video footage (4min 29 sec) with English explanations.

Below is the original broadcast of the footage on VOA's Tibetan service, originally aired on 20 April. There are no English subtitles. A summary of what is shown and said is below.

(Times are from start of clip.)
0:45-3:30 Phuntsok after his immolation; troops marching through the streets of Ngaba; police & security personnel; checkpoints in and around Ngaba.

Blockade outside Kirti monasteryNote: At 01:20 & 3:20 there is brief footage of troops at a checkpoint outside Kirti monastery (a stupa can be seen in the background, just to left of building on right). There is a sign in Chinese on the ground saying "Passage Forbidden" (see still image on right).

5:30-6:45 A Tibetan arrested by police being taken into a building; armed soldiers & checkpoints in Ngaba.

During this footage a Tibetan from Ngaba is describing the events he witnessed. He says at 3.20pm on 16 March he received a phone call alerting him to the immolation. He said many people witnessed Phuntok's self-immolation. He said a monk started chanting and was joined by many people. They were chanting "We want peace in Tibet", "Long live the Dalai Lama", "We want the Dalai Lama to return to Tibet" and "We want freedom in Tibet". Later on he says 30-40 Tibetans had been arrested and were being held in Chinese barracks in the town. One monk was badly beaten.

From 7:00 (and throughout the newscast) a spokesperson from the exiled Kirti monastery based in Dharamsala is interviewed about the situation in Tibet.

11:00-13:20 Phuntsok's funeral on 18 March. Monks are seen draping khatags (traditional blessing scarves) on Phuntsok's body which is then cremated.

The Tibetan from Ngaba says the funeral began at about 8am, with 2,000 people including monks and lay-people gathering for the ceremony. There were many soldiers and security personnel in the area at the time. He also mentions that many shops in Ngaba were closed, having first closed in the evening of 16 March and remined closed until 19 March.

28.30:-29:30 Similar footage of troops and police in Ngaba.

Kirti MonasteryThe Tibetan from Ngaba says that 800-900 Chinese officials arrived at Kirti monastery (pictured right) as part of the 'patriotic re-education' campaign (he doesn't give a date). The officials in groups of 10 inspect each of the monks' rooms. He says that when Chinese state media arrived, the entrance is temporarily unblocked and Chinese people are paid by local officials to walk around the monastery, in an effort to show that the life is normal at the monastery.

32:45-33:45 This footage shows military exercises in the Ngaba area intended to intimidate the local people. Tibetans were forced to watch troops using heavy munitions firing on targets including a replica Tibetan-style building, which can be seen ablaze.
According to VOA Tibetan service, this is from September 2010.

View the VOA video on Youtube
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