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News headlines for 2012 with links to articles

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British government expresses "serious concern" over Tibet crisis
FCO logo[18 December] The British government has expressed "serious concern" about the current situation in Tibet. It has urged China to "exercise restraint" in Tibet and allow "unrestricted access" to Tibet for diplomats and foreign media. It comes in the wake of a statement last week by the EU...
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Voices of Freedom from Tibet, East Turkestan and China
Voices of Freedom[18 December]
Voices of Freedom was held in London on 12 December to highlight cultural resistance in Tibet, East Turkestan and China. It featured songs and poems by those the Chinese government has attempted to silence by censorship or imprisonment... report & video I blogpost

EU urged to "lead the way" on Tibet after winning Nobel Prize
EU flag[11 December] The recipient of this year's Nobel Peace Prize, the European Union, has been called upon by Tibet groups world-wide to address the Tibet issue, given the EU's noted commitment to conflict prevention and crisis management...

Nobel Prize winners call for release of Liu Xiaobo
Liu Xiaobo[10 December] Nobel laureates, including the Dalai Lama, have called on China to release Liu Xiaobo, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010. Liu Xiaobo, a writer, human rights defender and advocate for genuine Tibetan autonomy, is the only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner...

China's new leaders urged to end tyranny
[10 December] On Human Rights Day, Chinese, Uyghur & Tibetan Solidarity UK (of which Tibet Society is a member) calls upon the Chinese government to instigate changes that will bring real freedom and democracy to the people under its rule, and urges world leaders to press China to adhere to universally accepted human and civil rights standards and uphold the rule of law...
press release

Five further self-immolations bring total to 28 during November
Bendey Khar[5 December]
The last four days of November saw five Tibetans self-immolate in Tibet. Two protests took place outside Chinese government offices and four involved the shouting of political slogans. November 2012 saw the largest number of self-immolations (28) in Tibet in a single month... moreTake Action

Mass student protests results in injuries and arrests
Chabcha student protest[30 November] Approximately 1,000 students in Chabcha, eastern Tibet demonstrated against China's repressive policies on 26 November. The authorities responded with force, resulting in at least 20 students being hospitalised, five in critical condition, and at least three arrests. A second student protest took place on 28 November, with five arrests reported...
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'China's security measures are exacerbating situation in Tibet'
HRW logo[30 November] Human Rights Watch report: "Increasingly pervasive and punitive security measures in response to protests have exacerbated the situation in Tibetan areas of China." The international organisation is calling on the Chinese government "to take steps to respond to Tibetans grievances... read report

Nine self-immolations in nine-days in Tibet
Tamding Kyab[27 November] The recent escalation of self-immolations in Tibet shows no sign of abating, as nine self-immolations have taken place in the past nine days. Two of the self-immolations occurred in Dokarmo, where Chinese officials have banned Tibetans from paying respects to self-immolators
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Chinese-operated mine targeted with self-immolation protests
Tsering Dhondup[27 November] Two Tibetans have self-immolated, a week apart, at a gold mine in Amchok, eastern Tibet. The gold mine is a Chinese-run operation and has previously been the focus of protests by local Tibetans concerned over the mine's environmental impact. Both men died at the scene...
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Two self-immolations as Tibetans banned from paying respects
Dolma Square[19 November] Two Tibetans self-immolated on consecutive days (17 & 18 November) in Rebkong, eastern Tibet, as Chinese officials announced a ban on Tibetans from visiting families of those who self-immolate and the closure of monasteries if they perform prayers or funerals for self-immolators...
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The potential impact of China's new leaders on Tibet
China's new leaders[19 November] International Campaign for Tibet has written a report examining China's new leadership and the possible implications for Tibet. The report examines links Politburo members have had with Tibet and provides a detailed profile of each of the top leaders...
read ICT's report

Two self-immolations in Tibet as China unveils new leader
Tangzin Dolma[16 November] On the day Xi Jinping was announced as the new head of China's Communist Party, two young Tibetans died after self-immolating in eastern Tibet. There has been a dramatic rise in the number of self-immolations and protests in Tibet in the run-up to and during China's National Congress...
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Tibetans send a clear message to Chinas new leadership
Tibet Society logo[Press Release: 15 November] In a statement, issued on the day China's new leadership was unveiled, Tibet Society has said, "Tibetans are giving a clear message to Chinas leadership: you cannot crush a historic culture, language and religion through suppression." The global Tibet movement has urged the new leaders to acknowledge policy failures and seek resolution to the crisis in Tibet...
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Self-immolations continue as total exceeds 70
Gonpo Tsering[12 November] The overall number of self-immolations in Tibet has now surpassed 70 as reports emerge of up to three more protests. One self-immolation is confirmed from Kanlho on 10 November, whilst two are reported to have taken place today in Rebkong, as protests against Chinese rule continue...
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Thousands of students protest in eastern Tibet
Rebkong protest 08 Nov 2012[12 November] Thousands of Tibetans took to the streets in the Rebkong, eastern Tibet last week to peacefully protest against Chinese government oppression. The protests follow three self-immolations in Rebkong over five days and come as China's leaders meet in Beijing at the National Congress...
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Tibetan leaders respond to China's allegations
The Dalai Lama[10 November] Tibetan leaders have hit back at allegations made by China that the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan exiled government are responsible for the self-immolations in Tibet. As well as dismissing the allegations, exiled leaders said that only an end to the repression in Tibet will stop the protests...

British government calls on China to resolve Tibetan grievances
Parliament logo[9 November] The British government was questioned in the House of Lords yesterday on their response to the ongoing self-immolations in Tibet.
Baroness Warsi, Senior Foreign Office Minister, responded saying the government has raised concerns with the Chinese government and is pressing "for a meaningful resolution to the grievances that underlie these distressing events"... more

Six Tibetans self-immolate as China's National Congress begins
Tamdin Tso[8 November] Six Tibetans, including three teenage monks and a young mother, have self-immolated over the past 48 hours in four separate protests in different regions of Tibet. Three of the protestors are known to have died. The self-immolations occurred despite heightened security in Tibet imposed to prevent protests during China's National Congress which starts today in Beijing...
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Over 30 Tibetans arrested after flag-raising protest
Wonpo flag protest[8 November] A series of raids by the Chinese authorities in the Wonpo region of eastern Tibet has led to the arbitrary arrest of 24 monks and 10 laypeople. The raids follow a protest where a Chinese flag was pulled down and replaced with the Tibetan national flag...
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China imprisons monks for involvement in protests
Sonam Sherab & Sonam Yingen[7 November] The Chinese authorities in Tibet have imprisoned 11 monks suspected of being involved in protests in eastern Tibet at the beginning of 2012. Sentences have ranged from two to seven years. There are fears that due legal process was not carried out in any of the cases...
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China re-arrests "Leaving Fear Behind" assistant
Jigme Gyatso[6 November] Jigme Gyatso, assistant to imprisoned film-maker Dhondup Wangchen on the film Leaving Fear Behind, has been re-arrested by the Chinese authorities. It is not clear for the reasons of the arrest. Concerns were first raised in September when Jigme went missing...
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Fiftieth self-immolation this year sparks mass protest
Protest at Dorjee Lhundup's funeral[5 November] A young Tibetan artist has become the 50th Tibetan to self-immolate in Tibet in 2012. The self-immolation sparked a mass protest
in Rebkong, eastern Tibet . Thousands of Tibetans gathered at the funeral and shouted slogans. Security has been tightened in the area... more I Take Action

Tibetans arrested for links with self-immolations
[5 November] The Chinese government has arbitrarily arrested at least 11 Tibetans in recent weeks for allegedly assisting with self-immolations or for spreading news of the protests. Reports of the arrests come as the number of self-immolations has risen dramatically, seemingly due to the upcoming National Congress in Beijing which is expected to unveil China's new leaders...
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UN Human Rights Chief condemns China's policies in Tibet
Navi Pillay[3 November] The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has called on China to address the crisis in Tibet. Mrs Pillay recognised the "intense sense of frustration and despair" which has led to the self-immolations. She also condemned China's heavy security measures and suppression of human rights in Tibet... more

Monk arrested for promoting Tibetan language
Jinpa Gyatso[1 November] A monk and Tibetan language activist was arbitrarily arrested on 25 October by the Chinese authorities in Machu, eastern Tibet. The arrest of Jinpa Gyatso is suspected to be in connection with Jinpa's work promoting and preserving the Tibetan language...
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US Ambassador visits Tibet; urges China to "re-examine" policies
US Ambassador Gary Locke[30 October] Following a visit to Tibetan regions in September, the US Ambassador to China has called on the Chinese government to "re-examine" its policies in Tibet that have led to the current protests and self-immolations. The  comments came following a series of seven self-immolations in six days in Tibet ...

Four self-immolations in Tibet on one day
Thubwang Kyab[28 October] Four Tibetans self-immolated in three separate instances on 25 October in eastern Tibet. There have now been seven self-immolations in six days, all were believed to be protesting against the oppression in Tibet. Six of the seven are known to have died, the condition of the seventh is unknown...
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Two self-immolations in two days in Labrang
Dhondup[24 October] Two Tibetans have died after self-immolating on consecutive days in Labrang in north-eastern Tibet. The protests took place on 22 and 23 October and follow Lhamo Kyab's self-immolation on 20 October in the same county. The total number of self-immolations in Tibet now stands at 58...
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Father of two self-immolates in north-east Tibet
Lhamo Kyab[21 October] A Tibetan father of two died after self-immolating on 20 October outside Bora monastery in north-eastern Tibet. Lhamo Kyab was heard to be calling for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet during his protest. There have now been 43 self-immolations so far this year...
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Concerns for well-being of three outspoken Tibetans
Jigme Guri[17 October] There are concerns for three Tibetans who have been critical of China's rule over Tibet.
Jigme Guri, arrested in August 2011, has been refused medication, family visits and independent legal representation; Runggye Adak, imprisoned in 2007, has been severely beaten by prison guards; Jigme Gyatso, assistant to filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen, is missing... more I Take Action
Grandfather of reincarnate lama self-immolates
Tamdin Dorjee[15 October] A Tibetan man died on 13 October after self- immolating in Kanlho, north-eastern Tibet. The man, who was protesting against China's brutal regime, was identified as the grandfather of Gunthang Rinpoche, one of Tibet's most revered religious leaders...
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Undercover footage from Tibet highlights repression
ABC News report[10 October] An Australian TV crew has circumvented China's ban on foreign journalists in Tibet and captured a glimpse of the repression Tibetans currently endure. Before being forced to leave, the crew visited Ngaba and Labrang and interviewed Tibetans willing to speak out about the injustices in Tibet...
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Third self-immolation in Tibet in eight days
Sangay Gyatso[8 October] Sangay Gyatso died
on 6 October after setting fire to himself and calling for the return of the Dalai Lama, religious freedom and language rights. The Chinese authorities have since tightened security at Dokar monastery, in north-eastern Tibet, where the protest took place... more I Take Action
Layman self-immolates; leaves note calling for unity
Gudrub[5 October] A Tibetan layman died after self-immolating on 4 October in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Prior to his protest, 43 year-old Gudrub left a statement urging "unity and solidarity" amongst Tibetans. During his protest he called for "freedom for Tibet" and the return of the Dalai Lama...
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China criticised over Tibet at UN and EU meetings
UNHRC logo[3 October] The issue of Tibet has been raised with the Chinese government at the United Nations and by the European Union in the past few weeks. Human rights violations in Tibet were raised at the UN Human Rights Council and concerns were also highlighted during the latest EU-China Dialogue...

Four Tibetans jailed for assisting protests and leaking news
Lobsang Tsultrim[2 October] The Chinese authorities have handed down heavy sentences to those associated with recent protests. Four Tibetans have received prison sentences of between seven and 11 years; two for supporting a monk who self-immolated and two for passing information to contacts outside Tibet...
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Independence call during self-immolation; Jamyang Palden dies
Jamyang Palden[1 October] A Tibetan man set fire to himself in eastern Tibet on 29 September whilst calling for independence for Tibet. His condition is not known. Also, Jamyang Palden, who self-immolated on 14 March, succumbed to his burns. He is the 42nd Tibetan known to have died of the 52 who have self-immolated in Tibet...
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Dalai Lama on immolations and China's leadership: BBC interview
The Dalai Lama[27 September] In an interview with the BBC, the Dalai Lama has said the Chinese government needs to "deal with the causes and conditions" that have led to 51 self-immolations in Tibet. He also said the upcoming leadership change in China offers a "real chance for political reform"... report I watch BBC interview

Exiled government releases film examining self-immolations
CTA logo[25 September] The Tibetan government in exile has produced a documentary entitled The Burning Question: Why are Tibetans Turning to Self-immolation? The 30-minute film, released online, asseses the underlying reasons for the wave of recent self-immolations in Tibet...
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International Press Freedom Award for Dhondup Wangchen
Dhondup Wangchen[14 September] Tibetan film-maker Dhondup Wangchen is one of four journalists to be honoured at the 2012 International Press Freedom Awards in November. Dhondup Wangchen is currently serving a six-year prison sentence for making the film Leaving Fear Behind in 2008...
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Teenage girl sentenced to three years for peaceful protest
Jigme Dolma[13 September] A Tibetan teenage girl has been sentenced to three years imprisonment for staging a peaceful protest in eastern Tibet. Jigme Dolma, 17, was accused of undertaking 'splittist activities' after a protest where she distributed leaflets and shouted slogans calling for freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama...
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UN and EU officials urged to prioritise Tibet
[10 September] In separate letters from the International Tibet Network, and co-signed by Tibet Society, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the EU Special Representative for Human Rights have been called upon to speak out over the human rights abuses in Tibet and to engage with China to bring an end to the current crisis... more

China continues crackdown on Tibet's monasteries
Monks from Zilkar monastery[6 September] The Chinese government continues to crackdown on religious institutions considered responsible for the ongoing protests across Tibet. Further arbitrary arrests have taken place and Kirti monastery is being subjected to additional intense security measures...
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Tibetan democracy in exile and Chinese rule over Tibet
TCHRD logo[5 September] The Dharamsala-based NGO Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) has produced a detailed report analysing the Tibetan exiled political system and examines China's political hierarchy as well as the processes by which the Chinese government rules Tibet...
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Dalai Lama calls for investigation on causes of self-immolations
[30 August] In an interview published by Reuters, the Dalai Lama reiterated the need for the Chinese government to tackle the issues behind the self-immolations in Tibet. He also said he was hopeful that China's new president, to be appointed later this year, would be open to talks on the Tibet issue... more

Ongoing crackdown sees further arrests and prison sentences
Konchog Yarphel[30 August] In recent weeks there have been numerous detentions, arrests and prison sentences for Tibetans who have peacefully expressed their views. Protestors have been beaten and detained, monks arbitrarily arrested and musicians arrested after releasing politically-sensitive songs...
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Self-immolations exceed 50 as teenage cousins die
[28 August] Two Tibetan teenage cousins self-immolated on 27 August in eastern Tibet, bringing the total number of self-immolations in Tibet since February 2009 to 51. Lobsang Kelsang and Lobsang Damchoe, who were protesting against Chinese rule, both died later the same day...
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Monk jailed for seven years for sharing self-immolation details
Yonten Gyatso[22 August] Chinese authorities have sentenced a senior Tibetan monk to seven years imprisonment for sharing pictures and information of a self-immolation protest. Prior to sentencing, Yonten Gyatso had been held incommunicado for eight months, during which time he was beaten and tortured...
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Tibetan shot dead as 1,000 hold anti-mining protest
A valley in Kham[17 August]
Chinese security forces shot dead a Tibetan protestor during a mass anti-mining protest in the Tibet Autonomous Region on 15 August. At least six people were detained as the crowd of approximately 1,000 Tibetans was dispersed... more I Take Action
Protests against China's crackdown erupt in eastern Tibet
Protestors in Rebkong[15 August]
Tibetans have  taken to the streets in eastern Tibet in protest against China's crackdown and repressive policies. 500 demonstrated in Rebkong against police brutality and 300 monks protested in Kanlho when they were barred from paying respects to a self-immolator more I Take Action

Protestor killed by security forces as self-immolations escalate
PLA troops in Ngaba[14 August] A Tibetan was beaten to death yesterday by Chinese security forces during a demonstration that took place in Ngaba, eastern Tibet following two further self-immolations. 16 August UPDATE: Both self-immolators are now known to have died...
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Tibetan activist is third to self-immolate in a week
[13 August] A young nomad, known to have been involved in previous protests calling for freedom from Chinese rule, became the third Tibetan to self-immolate last week. The protest, as with the two earlier incidents, took place in eastern Tibet. All three Tibetans who self-immolated are now known to have died...
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Two Tibetans die after self-immolating
Dolkar Kyi & Lobsang Tsultrim[9 August] On 6 and 7 August, Lobsang Tsultrim, a monk from Kirti monastery, and Dolkar Tso, a Tibetan mother of two, set fire to themselves in separate protests in eastern Tibet. Both succumbed to their burns and died...
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Tibet at the London 2012 Olympics
The Tibet flag at the Olympics[7 August] Though Tibet is not represented as a country at the London 2012 Olympics, Tibet does have a presence. As well as supporters displaying the Tibetan national flag at Olympic events, there are Tibetans involved in the Games...
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Tibetan dies six weeks after self-immolation
[31 July] Ngawang Norphel, who set fire to himself on 20 June along with Tenzin Khedup in Jyekundo (Chinese: Yushu), died in a Chinese hospital on 30 July. According to a local source, despite severe injuries, Chinese officials attempted to interrogate Ngawang in his hospital bed. Ngawang becomes the 34th Tibetan in Tibet to have died after self-immolating since February 2009...

Tibet features in religious ceremony marking Olympics
[24 July] A special multi-faith service, marking the opening of the 2012 Olympics, took place in central London on 22 July. The religious service, at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square and organised by the World Congress of Faiths, featured readings from texts by the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Buddhism. The readings were given by Tibet Society board members...
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Kalon Tripa calls for international support to end Tibet crisis
[19 July] The leader of the Tibetan government in exile has called on the international community to take action to end the crisis in Tibet. Lobsang Sangay has called for governments to urge China to end the current crackdown in Tibet and to investigate the reasons behind the self-immolations...
Teenage monk dies after self-immolation
[17 July] An 18-year old monk has died after setting himself on fire in eastern Tibet today, in another apparent protest against the oppression inflicted by the Chinese regime. Lobsang Lozin is the 31st Tibetan in Tibet to have self-immolated in 2012. Of the 44 Tibetans to have self-immolated since February 2009, 15 have been teenagers...
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Tibet rated "worst of the worst" for rights and freedoms
[17 July]
A recent report has ranked Tibet alongside North Korea and Sudan as one of the world's most repressive societies. The report, by US-based Freedom House, analyses the lack of basic political and civil liberties in countries and territories around the world...

Protests continue in Tibet despite crackdown
Jigme Dolma[13 July] Reports continue to emerge from Tibet of Tibetans risking their freedom and lives to protest against China's brutal rule. Two young Tibetans were beaten and detained recently after staging separate demonstrations in Kardze calling for the release of political prisoners and for the return of the Dalai Lama...
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Self-immolation in TAR on day after Dalai Lama's birthday
[10 July] A 22-year old Tibetan man, Tsewang Dorjee, set himself alight in Damshung, north of Lhasa, on 7 July, in another protest against China's continued harsh rule over Tibet. [UPDATE 12 July] Reports indicate that Tsewang Dorjee died later the same day...
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Three monks imprisoned for assisting self-immolation
[10 July] The Chinese authorities have handed down sentences of between nine and 11 years imprisonment to three monks, from Bangthok monastery in eastern Tibet, for instigating the self-immolation of Damchoe Sangpo, who died after self-immolating on 17 February...
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Land seizure by Chinese authorities prompts self-immolation
[9 July] A Tibetan mother of two has self-immolated during a public protest against forced evictions and land seizures by the Chinese government. The incident occurred on 27 June in Jyekundo, eastern Tibet. Dickyi Choezom was taken to hospital though her current condition is not known...
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The Dalai Lama's birthday celebrations
The Dalai Lama[6 July] The Dalai Lama is 77 today. Tibet Society sends happy birthday and long life wishes. Two events celebrating his birthday are being held in London on
7 July and 14 July. Watch the video of Dege Tenzin singing in Yushu, Tibet, offering wishes for the long life of the Dalai Lama... more I video7 July event14 July event

Report on the Dalai Lama's UK tour - June 2012
[29 June] The Dalai Lama wrapped up a successful 10 day tour of the UK with a BBC interview, broadcast on 24 June, where he called on the Chinese government to hold an investigation into the causes of the self-immolations in Tibet. The UK visit included meetings with parliamentarians in London and Edinburgh, business leaders in Leeds, Prince Charles and Aung San Suu Kyi as well as giving public talks and religious teachings...
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Two Tibetans self-immolate whilst displaying Tibet flags
Tenzin and Ngawang[21 June] On the day the Dalai Lama met with British MPs in London, two Tibetans carrying Tibetan national flags set fire to themselves in eastern Tibet in a protest against China's rule. The joint self-immolations took place in Jyekundo (Chinese: Yushu), the scene of a devastating earthquake in April 2010...
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China closes Tibet to tourists
Potala Palace [8 June] The Chinese government has closed Tibet to foreign tourists for an indefinite period of time. The ban comes days after two self-immolations in Lhasa and is part of a large-scale crackdown which has seen numerous detentions and increased security...
The Human Torches of Tibet: BBC documentary
The Dalai Lama[7 June] The BBC's 24-minute documentary, on the recent self-immolations and protests in Tibet and their impact on the Tibetan exiled community, is now available to watch online. First broadcast on BBC World and BBC News at the end of May, it includes interviews with the Dalai Lama and the Kalon Tripa. Tibet Society's view on the documentary can be read on our blog...
morewatch onlineread blogpost

Tibetan mother self-immolates; arrests in Lhasa
Rikyo[31 May] A Tibetan mother of three died after setting fire to herself on 30 May in another protest against China's brutal regime. The incident occured in Dzamthang in eastern Tibet. Meanwhile, in Lhasa, hundreds of Tibetans have been detained following the self-immolations on 27 May... moreTake Action

First self-immolations take place in Lhasa
Dorjee Tseten[28 May] Two Tibetans self-immolated in Lhasa on 27 May, the first such instances in the capital of Tibet since the drastic forms of protest against Chinese rule began in February 2009. One of the two young men has died and the other is in hospital. Though details are still sketchy, China has confirmed the incident... more
Take Action

China cancels official visit in protest over Dalai Lama meeting
[25 May] The Chinese government has cancelled the upcoming visit to the UK of top official Wu Bangguo in protest over David Cameron's meeting with the Dalai Lama last week. Wu Bangguo is China's second highest political figure, outranked only by President Hu Jintao... moreGuardian

"We should not be afraid of Chinese bullies..."
Fabian Hamilton MP [15 May] In the debate on the Queen's Speech that covered Foreign Affairs and International Development, Fabian Hamilton, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet, contributed with a strong speech on Tibet where he said, "Our Government needs to stand up and speak louder for the future and self-determination of the Tibetan people before it is too late."... more
China condemns Cameron for meeting with H.H. the Dalai Lama
Dalai Lama & David Cameron[15 May] Prime Minister David Cameron has been strongly criticised by China for meeting the Dalai Lama whilst he was in London. The Chinese government formallly protested to the British Ambassador in Beijing and in a public statement urged the UK to respond to Chinas solemn demand and stop conniving and supporting Tibetan separatists... The Guardian | Bloomberg

The Dalai Lama still hopeful about Tibet's future
[15 May]
Speaking on R4's Today programme, the Dalai Lama expressed his hope there will be change in Tibet and he hopes to return to his country. He also said his health remains good "so I am expecting another 10, 20 years. So within that, definitely things will change"... BBC Radio 4

Dalai Lama receives Templeton Prize at St Paul's Cathedral
Dalai Lama at St Paul's [14 May] Hundreds of people queued in the rain to have the opportunity of witnessing the Dalai Lama receive the hugely valuable Templeton Prize in St Paul's Cathedral. Prior to his entrance the cathedral was filled with the sound of Tibetan monks chanting, setting the tone for a very special and unique occasion... video & links

Bianca Jagger: "We appeal to you PM to support Tibet"
10 May 2012 Bianca Jagger Press Conference [10 May] At a press conference held today in Westminster, human rights advocate Bianca Jagger issued a statement expressing her grave concerns for the Tibetan people living under Chinas increasingly repressive regime in Tibet... more | press release

China clamps down on protests; harsh sentences for protestors
[4 May] The Chinese authorities have issued new directives in an effort to quell protests in Tibet. As well as harsh punishment for those engaged in "splittist" activities, warnings have been given against spreading information about "separatist" activities and cash incentives are being offered to informants. In Kardze, 17 Tibetans have received prison sentences for involvement in a protest in Drango in January, one of whom received a life sentence. report | Take Action
Tibet inadequately covered in UK's annual human rights report
FCO Human Rights Report[2 May] On 30 April the UK government published its annual Human Rights Report. The section on Tibet focuses heavily on the self-immolations and the government's response, but fails to mention other issues in Tibet such as the lack of freedom of expression and arbitrary arrests. The report has, however, taken on board suggestions made by Tibet Society for greater transparency... report
| Take Action
Protests continue in Tibet; popular singer arrested
[26 April] As China continues its crackdown in Tibet, reports of major demonstrations continue to filter out. Thousands of Tibetans in eastern Tibet have protested against security raids on a monastery. Also, a well-known singer has been arrested after releasing an album featuring freedom songs... report I Take Action
Self-immolation cousins called for restoration of Tibets freedom
[26 April] Choepak Kyap and Sonam, who died after self-immolating on 19 April, recorded a voice message saying their actions were for the restoration of Tibets freedom. Following distribution of their message, which also called for end to infighting amongst Tibetans, locals gathered at a monastery and destroyed their weapons... more I Take Action
Vigil for the Panchen Lama held in London
Pachen Lama[25 April] A vigil was held outside the Chinese Embassy in London on the occasion of the Panchen Lama's 23rd birthday. Calls were made demanding the release of Gedhun Choekyi Nyima who was kidnapped by the Chinese authorities 17 years ago and has not been heard from since... photos on facebook I Take Action

China erects Great Banner Wall at London Book Fair
London Book Fair protest[20 April] Despite efforts to block the actions, Tibet Society, along with Chinese and Uyghur activists, still managed to highlight China's restriction on free speech and gave a voice to authors banned or imprisoned by the Chinese regime,
on the final day of the London Book Fair...
report I video
I Photos on facebook & flickrnew video

Cousins die after joint self-immolation protest
[20 April] Two young Tibetan men, who were cousins, died after setting fire to themselves in a joint protest in eastern Tibet on 19 April. Local Tibetans prevented security forces from taking their bodies away. There have been 35 self-immolations in Tibet in total, 22 of which have taken place this year... report
Take Action
Tibet on BBC Newsnight
[18 April] In an interview with the BBC, the Dalai Lama said, on the subject of the self-immolations,  "If I get involved in that, then the retirement from political power is meaningless. Whatever I say the Chinese government they immediately manipulate." He also said the Chinese government "use only their mouth. No ear, never willing to listen to others... They do not understand what is the real Tibetan feeling." 
BBC iPlayer (UK only) | BBC News including video clip 
Protests give voice to Tibetan writers at London Book Fair
London Book Fair 2012[17 April] Tibetan, Chinese and Uyghur human rights defenders joined forces at the London Book Fair to highlight China's continued crackdown on the freedom of expression. Readings of banned writers were given and protests took place at several events. Following the actions Chinese Minister Liu Binjie cancelled his appearance at the Fair...
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Chinese leaders face protest during UK visit
[15 April] Three of China's top leaders, including Propaganda Chief Li Changchun, faced a nosiy protest upon their arrival in the UK. Tibetans and Tibet supporters were joined by Chinese and Uyghur activists for a protest outside the Chinese Embassy in London, calling on China to respect human rights and freedom... more I photos on facebook

Tibet Lobby 2012 Follow-up Action
[12 April] Over 150 MPs were lobbied during Tibet Lobby 2012 in March, and called upon to take action for Tibet. However, despite the urgency of the situation in Tibet, the Foreign Office made no commitment to further actions. Tibet Society is calling on the UK government to put mechanisms into place that will bring about real change for Tibetans in Tibet... Take Action

Three monks self-immolate in Tibet
[5 April]
Last week three monks self-immolated in Ngaba, eastern Tibet as Tibetans continue to protest against Chinese government's hardline polices. [UPDATE 12 April] All three monks are now known to have died. Twenty Tibetans have self-immolated this year, and 33 since February 2009...
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Tibet Uprising Anniversary 2012: New photos online
[29 March] New photos of the Tibet Lobby, Freedom March and Rally marking the 2012 Tibet Uprising Aniversary are now available in Tibet Societys' flickr and facebook pages. Approximately 200 people participated in the Tibet Lobby and over 800 joined the Freedom March and Rally...
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Exiled Tibetan dies after self-immolation in Delhi
[28 March] A Tibetan living in exile died this morning, succumbing to severe burns acquired during his self-immolation protest in Delhi on 26 March. Jamphel Yeshi set fire to himself during a demonstation protesting against Chinese President Hu Jintao's upcoming visit to India... 
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Child dies as protests sweep eastern Tibet
[23 March]
Since the 10 March anniversary, thousands of Tibetans have taken to the streets in eastern Tibet, to protest against Chinese government policies and call for the return of the Dalai Lama. In Ba county, Qinghai, a 12 year-old Tibetan died after security forces dispersed protestors using "excessive force"... more I Take Action
Two further self-immolations in Tibet
[23 March] Two more Tibetans have self-immolated in the past week in protest against China's rule in Tibet. Both Sonam Thargyal and Lobsang Tsultrim died after their protests. Seventeen Tibetans have set fire to themselves in 2012... more I Take Action

Tibet Freedom March 2012[15 March] To mark the 53rd anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising a series of events were held in London and around the UK. Tibetans and supporters called on over 100 MPs to support Tibetan freedom by lobbying at Westminster on 7 March and in local constituencies. Several hunderd people attendedTibet Freedom March 2012 actions in Edinburgh, Exeter and Northampton and on 10 March over 800 people took part in the Tibet Freedom March and Rally in central London... report I video I lobby your MP

Self-immolation protest on anniversary of 2008 Uprising
[14 March] Jamyang, a 34 year-old monk, set fire to himself today in the grounds of Rongbo Gonchen monastery in Rebkong county, Qinghai province. He is believed to be in serious condition. The protest occured on the anniversary of the start of the 2008 uprising that spread across Tibet. Jamyang is the 27th Tibetan to have self-immolated in the past 12 months... TCHRD report I Take Action

Monk self-immolates on Uprising Day
[13 March] A teenage monk died after setting fire to himself in Ngaba, eastern Tibet on 10 March, the anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan National Uprising. Gepey, an 18 year-old monk from Kirti Monastery, self-immolated next to a Chinese military office and died at the scene... more
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Kalon Tripa calls on China to "initiate genuine change"
[12 March]
The Kalon Tripa gave his first Uprising Day statement as political leader of the Tibetan people on 10 March. Dr Sangay called on China's upcoming leaders to "initiate genuine change", admit that "the governments long-standing hardline policy in Tibet has failed" and accept the Middle Way Policy... more

Third Tibetan self-immolates in three days
[6 March] A Tibetan teenager died after setting himself on fire in Ngaba, eastern Tibet yesterday evening. Dorjee, 18, shouted slogans against China's policies in Tibet during his protest. He is believed to have died at the scene. Dorjee is the 25th Tibetan to have self-immolated in the past 12 months and the 13th in 2012... BBC I ICT

Protests continue despite call to 'smash' separatists
Tridu protest[6 March] As the 10 March Tibetan National Uprising anniversary draws closer, the Chinese government has tightened security in Tibet even further. Officials have made stark warnings against any form of dissent and Tibetans are being arbitrarily arrested. Despite the crackdown, protests are still taking place... more

Two Tibetan women self-immolate in run-up to anniversary
Tsering Kyi[5 March] Two Tibetan women have died after setting fire to themselves in separate incidents in eastern Tibet just days before the anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising. This brings to 24 the number of Tibetans who have self-immolated in the past year, of whom 18 are known to have died...
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Kirti monk succumbs to self-immolation injuries
[4 March] Reports have been received that Rinzin Dorjee, the Kirti monk who self-immolated on 8 February, died from his injuries on 21 February. His family were not allowed to hold a traditional funeral. Another monk, Lobsang Kunchok, who immolated in September 2011, remains in serious condition in hospital... more

Tibetan teenager dies after self-immolation
[24 February] Nangdrol, a Tibetan teenager, died on 19 February after setting fire to himself in the Ngaba region of eastern Tibet in protest against China's brutal regime. Two days later over a thousand Tibetans attended a vigil for Nangdrol at the local monastery... more I Take Action

Monk dies in protest against China's control over monastery
Damchoe Sangpo[18 February] Damchoe Sangpo, a 38-year old monk, died on 17 February after self-immolating in protest against the intrusion of the Chinese authorities into the affairs of Bongthak monastery, located in Themchen county, Tsonub prefecture in eastern Tibet (Qinghai province) RFA I TCHRD
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Young monk self-immolates in Ngaba
ILobsang Gyatso[14 February] Lobsang Gyatso, a 19-year old Kirti monk, self-immolated yesterday in Ngaba, eastern Tibet in protest against China's rule in Tibet. Lobsang was taken away by Chinese police; his condition is not known. This is the 20th self-immolation in the past 12 months and the 8th confirmed in 2012...
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The battle for hearts and minds
Guardian logo[14 February] Yesterday, the Guardian published a front page report from Ngaba (Chinese: Aba), eastern Tibet, by a correspondent who had managed to evade Chinese security and circumvent the ban on foreign media. (The online version includes a 2 minute video.) This report follows other media outlets who have attempted to enter Tibet in recent weeks... more I Guardian I CNN I BBC I Sky

Teenage nun dies after self-immolating in Ngaba
Tenzin Choedron[13 February] Tenzin Choedron became the 10th Tibetan this year to self-immolate, when she set fire to herself on Saturday 11 February in Ngaba, eastern Tibet. The 18-year old nun from Dechen Choekorling nunnery shouted slogans against the Chinese government during her protest. Tenzin died before reaching hospital... more
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Two Tibetans shot dead; two further immolations & mass protests
Tridu protest[10 February] As protests continue to escalate in Tibet, Chinese security forces have shot dead a Tibetan monk and his brother who were trying to evade arrest after involvement in a protest. Also two further self-immolations have taken place and thousands of Tibetans have participated in mass protests in eastern Tibet... more
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BBC news team harassed trying to enter Tibet
BBC News logo[10 February] BBC's China correspondent Damian Grammaticas experiences the crackdown in Tibet first-hand; being refused access to Tibetan regions, and is detained and threatened by Chinese security. (Note: video includes upsetting images)... video report

 Lhasa police ordered to "strike hard"; protest video released
Troops in Chengdu [31 January] As Lhasa's senior official orders increased security measures to prevent protests, video footage of last week's demonstration in Dzamthang, which resulted in one death, has been obtained by exiled sources... more video (RFA)
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Crackdown in Tibet intensifies; CNN crew detained
CNN logo[30 January] As China continues to send troops into Tibet in an effort to clamp down on protests, a CNN crew has been refused entry to a Tibetan area of Sichuan province, was subsequently detained and had film footage confiscated... more I CNN video Take Action
Tibetan shot dead by police in Ngaba
[27 January] As tensions escalate in Tibet, another Tibetan has been shot dead at a protest in eastern Tibet. The fatality occured on 26 January after Chinese police fired into a crowd who were protesting against the arrest of a local Tibetan. This is the third known incident of police shooting and killing protestors this week. Statements have been issued by the Kalon Tripa, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch... more I statements Take Action
UK must back up statement with practical measures
Logo[26 January] In response to the British government's statement yesterday, voicing concern over the situation in eastern Tibet, Tibet Society is calling on the UK to follow up its concern with practical measures. Take action: write to the Foreign Minister and the Chinese Ambassador... more I Tibet Society's statement I Take Action

UK calls for restraint from China over Tibet shootings
FCO logo[25 January] Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne issued a public statement this afternoon, calling upon China to "exercise restraint" in eastern Tibet, where at least eight Tibetan protestors are reported to have been shot by Chinese police over the past two days... more

Protests escalate in eastern Tibet; more Tibetans shot dead
[25 Janaury] For the second consecutive day Tibetan protestors have been killed by Chinese police. Up to five Tibetans were shot dead with many more injured as protests erupted yesterday  in the town of Serthar in eastern Tibet. Further protests have also been reported in Ngaba and Golog... more
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Tibet Society calls on Hague to speak up for Tibetans' rights
Logo[24 January] Tibet Society has issued a press release, in light of the current deteriorating situation in Tibet, calling on the British government and Foreign Minister William Hague to speak up for Tibetans' human rights and condemn Chinas abhorrent use of force on unarmed Tibetans. Note: Tibet Society has also written directly to the Foreign Office, informing the Foreign Office of developments in Tibet as well as raising its concerns... press release

Three Tibetans shot dead as Chinese New Year begins
Yonden[24 January] Chinese police killed three Tibetans after opening fire on a crowd of protestors in Drango, Kardze in the traditional province of Kham in eastern Tibet (Sichuan province). The incident took place on 23 January, the first day of the Chinese New Year, and came after increasing tensions in the area... more Take Action
Tibetans shot at demonstration following self-immolation
Lobsang Jamyang[19 January] UPDATE: The Tibetan who self-immolated on 14 January in Ngaba has been identified as 22-year old former monk Lobsang Jamyang. Following Lobsang's protest
Chinese police opened fire on a Tibetan crowd. Several Tibetans were seriously injured and an unknown number arrested... more Take Action
Norbu Damdrul dies from injuries
Norbu Damdrul[10 January] Norbu Damdrul, the 19-year old former Kirti monk who self-immolated on 15 October 2011, has succumbed to his injuries, dying in a Chinese military hospital in Ngaba on 5 January. Since March 2011, 15 Tibetans have self-immolated in Tibet in protest against China's brutal regime, 11 of whom  have died... more
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Three Tibetans self-immolate over three day period
Sonam Wangyal[9 January 2012] Three self-immolations have taken place in Tibet in recent days, continuing the trend of tragic protests against China's brutal rule in Tibet into 2012. On 6 January, two Tibetans set fire to themselves near Kirti monastery in Ngaba, Sichuan, with at least one succumbing to their injuries.
[Update 10 Jan: Both are now reported to have died.] Two days later a senior monk died after self-immolating in front of a police station in Darlag county in Qinghai... more Take Action
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