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News headlines for 2010 with links to articles.

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Human Rights Day 2010
[14 December] For Human Rights Day 2010, Tibet Society worked as a key member of the coalition group, Chinese, Uighur & Tibetan Solidarity UK (CUTS UK), to highlight the case of Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo and to call for the release of all prisoners of conscience in China, Tibet and East Turkestan. 

Students protest in Tibet over language proposals
[15 November] In response to plans by the Qinghai provincial government to implement a curriculum taught primarily in the Chinese language, thousands of Tibetan high school and college students have been peacefully demonstrating across the region. The protests have involved thousands of students and have spread to neighbouring Gansu Province and even reached Beijing. more
Tibetan writer Tagyal released on bail
[15 October] One of Tibet's leading intellectuals, the writer Tagyal (whose pen name is Shogdung), has been released on bail pending trial. Tagyal's lawyer Li Fangping confirmed Tagyal was released on 14 October and said that Tagyal is now home and in good mental and physical state. The news was reported on the blog of Woeser, a Tibetan poet and writer who lives in Beijing, and translated by the High Peaks, Pure Earth website. more
Nepal is now no more than a puppet for China
[4 October] In an act of assuagement, on Sunday 3 October Nepalese police raided two Tibetan voting centres in Kathmandu and seized ballot boxes on the premises. This extreme and unwarranted act was under the pretext that Tibetan refugees had no right to cast votes for a Prime Minister or parliament in exile whilst in Nepal. A police spokesman was quoted as saying, We have confiscated their ballot boxes. Our government has a one-China policy and we dont want any elements to speak against China. more
Four Tibetans killed by police during mining protest
[1 September] Chinese security forces, on 17 August, opened fire on Tibetans protesting over mining activities in Palyul County, Sichuan Province, killing four and injuring 30 others, according to Radio Free Asia. more
Life sentence for top Tibetan businessman
[25 August] Dorje Tashi, one of Tibet's top businessmen has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Dorje Tashi was sentenced on 26 June, following a three day trial at the Lhasa Municipality Intermediate Peoples Court. The exact charges are not known and news of the sentencing only emerged in August. However, it has been suggested the harsh sentence may been due to a donation made to the Dalai Lama. more
Prominent Tibetan environmentalist sentenced to 15 years in prison
[20 August] Following a highly publicised trial in Lhasa, a prominent Tibetan art dealer and environmentalist was handed a 15 year prison sentence by the Chinese authorities on 24 June, despite no evidence of political activities. A subsequent appeal was turned down. Karma Samdrup is one of three brothers who are now serving sentences following confrontations with local authorities over the illegal poaching of endangered species. more
Drugchu landslide disaster
[19 August] Over 1,400 people have been killed in landslides and flooding that hit Drugchu County (Chinese: Zhouqu) in Gansu province on 8 August. The Chinese government initiated a mass rescue effort in Drugchu town, where over 300 buildings have been buried by mud and thousands made homeless. However, there is criticism that the government did not heed previous warnings that excessive expolitation of natural resources in the region would lead to such a disaster. more
Film-maker Dhondup Wangchen transferred to labour camp
[21 May] News has emerged that Dhondup Wangchen, the Tibetan film-maker who was sentenced to six year's imprisonment in December 2009 for making the film Leaving Fear Behind, has been transferred to a labour camp. more

The Dalai Lama "eager" to visit Yushu earthquake area
[17 April] The Dalai Lama held a short 20 minute meeting with predominately Tibetan press in Dharamsala today. Here he elaborated on his press release that had been issued earlier in the day where he said, "... the location of the earthquake, Jyekundo (Chinese: Yushu), lies in Qinghai Province, which happens to be where both the late Panchen Lama and I were born. To fulfill the wishes of many of the people there, I am eager to go there myself to offer them comfort." more
Earthquake hits Tibet
[14 April] An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale has hit eastern Tibet. The earthquake struck the Jyekundo region (Ch: Yushu county) in Kham (Qinghai province) just before 8am local time on 14 April 2010. Tibet Relief Fund has set up an emergency appeal fund that will help local people in the aftermath of this tragic disaster. more | Click here to donate

Google stands up for freedom of information and stops censoring searches in China
[23 March] Google has announced it is no longer complying with China's draconian restrictions and censorship of information on the internet. more
10 March Statement by the Dalai Lama
[22 March] Statement of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the 51st Anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising Day. more
Dalai Lama re-affirms commitment to "Middle Way" approach
[23 February]  Following his meeting with President Obama on 17 February, the Dalai Lama appeared on CNN's Larry King show. more
President Obama states his support for Tibet; US Ambassador in Beijing summoned
[20 February] China's Foreign Ministry has issued a strong statement condemning President Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama, saying,"the action of the US side has seriously interfered in China's internal affairs, seriously hurt the national feelings of the Chinese people, and seriously undermined China-US relations." Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Cui Tiankai, has summoned Jon Huntsman, the US ambassador in Beijing, for "solemn representations." more
Is there hope beyond the negative rhetoric coming from Beijing?
[2 February] The ninth round of talks is over. The Dalai Lamas envoys have returned to Dharamsala, where Special Envoy Lodi Gyari issued a reasonable and constructive statement. In contrast, in Beijing, Zhu Weiqun, executive deputy head of the Communist Party's United Front Work Department, the body that engages with the envoys, held a news conference where he adopted a tone of uncompromising rhetoric, saying relations with the Dalai Lama was China's internal affair so "outsiders have no right to voice any opinions." And repeating the long held line that, the central government wanted the Dalai Lama to abandon his stand to split the country, cease separatist activities, openly admit that Tibet was an inalienable part of China and Taiwan was an inalienable part of China and the government of the People's Republic of China was the only legal government representing China." more
Resumption of China/Tibet discussions
[26 January] Dalai Lama's envoys travel to Beijing via Yunnan to re-engage on discussions with the Chinese government. British Foreign Office Minister, Ivan Lewis, welcomed this move, saying, "I urge both sides to enter these talks in good faith and to make progress towards meaningful autonomy for Tibet. Peaceful dialogue between the Chinese government and the Dalai Lama's representatives is the only way to bring about a lasting and peaceful solution to the problems in Tibet." more
Film-maker Dhondup Wangchen sentenced to six years
[26 January] Film-maker Dhondup Wangchen had been given a six year prison sentence for inciting separatism by making his documentary film Leaving Fear Behind. This film documents Dhondup's visit to Tibet in early 2008 where he interviewed Tibetans, asking them for their thoughts and views on the upcoming Olympic Games, the Dalai Lama and future developments. He was arrested shortly after completing these interviews and had been held for over 18 months in detention. He had no independent legal representation of his choice at his trial. The dire lack of due legal process and the extreme sentence meted out for what were tenuous charges again shows the complete disregard the Chinese government has for meaningful legal reform and civil rights. more

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