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Seven Days in Tibet: extended undercover report PDF Print E-mail
[11 June 2013] International news channel France24 has released an updated and more extensive version of their report "Seven Days in Tibet". The new 12-minute version offers a rare glimpse into life in Lhasa and the surrounding region and delves into the issues facing Tibetans living under the Chinese regime.

France24 logoThe report was filmed in secret as foreign journalists are banned from the Tibet Autonomous Region and many Tibetan regions incorporated into Chinese provinces. The Chinese government  has banned foreign media from Tibet for the majority of the last five years, since protests swept through Tibet in 2008.

(Warning: the video contains a short 5 second clip of self-immolation protests at about 3:23)

France24 reporter Cyril Payen asks at the outset of his report, if Tibet " will be lost for good?" Filmed recently over seven days (the exact date is not given to help protet those interviewed), the report begins by examining the economic development of Lhasa, in particular the construction of a large shopping mall in the heart of the Barkhor, a traditional quarter of Lhasa (pictured below). Large-scale construction projects are said to be "overwhelming the region".

Barkhor constructionThe extended report also highlights the "suffocating Chinese military presence" in Tibet, cultural repression, controls on religion, expansion of tourism, Han Chinese migration, self-immolation protests, security controls (Tibet is referred to as an "Orwellian world of surveillance") and the exploitation of natural resources.

Cyril Payen concludes, "Five years from now, what will be left of Tibet? Repression, cultural assimilation and military occupation are taking a heavy toll. What is certain is that Tibet is already but a shadow of its former self."

1. Call on UNESCO to investigate China's development of Lhasa and to protect the remaining traditional Tibetan areas of Lhasa. Click here for action details.

2. Call on the UK government to stand up for Tibet and urge the Chinese government to end its oppressive policies in Tibet. Click here for action details.


Tibet: A losing battle?
Part 1 (Debate from 13.52) I Part 2
France24 host a discussion on the issues facing Tibet with experts including, Tseten Samdup Chhoekyapa (the Dalai Lama's Representative to Switzerland and Eastern Europe), Kate Saunders (Communications Director, International Campaign for Tibet), and Cyril Payen (France24 Southeast Asia correspondent).

Original four-minute version of "Seven Days in Tibet"
Click here
Tibet Society's report on the original release of "Seven Days in Tibet". Includes video of report which contains a discussion with Nicholas Bequelin from Human Rights Watch Hong Kong about the current situation in Tibet.

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