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News headlines for 2013 with links to articles

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Jailed for conducting funeral; arrested for promoting culture
Hortsang Tamdin[20 December 2013] A monk has been jailed in Tibet for conducting traditional rituals for deceased self-immolators; nine Tibetans have been arrested in the wake of a self-immolation; two monks have been detained for promoting Tibetan culture and traditions; and, nine Tibetans have been detained for planning a protest...
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Driru update: Nine jailed for protests, more arrested and detained
Topden[20 December] Nine Tibetans have been jailed for their roles in protests in Driru, Tibet Autonomous Region. Two singers from Driru have been arrested after releasing music promoting Tibetan identity and culture. Overall, hundreds of Tibetans have been detained since protests broke out in Driru in September...
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China's "tyrannical laws" compels monk to self-immolate
Tsultrim Gyatso[19 December] A Tibetan monk has died following a self-immolation protest in eastern Tibet today. Tsultrim Gyatso left a note calling for the return of the Dalai Lama and the release of the Panchen Lama. He said the suffering of Tibetans under China's "tyrannical laws" had "compelled" him to burn his body...
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Senior monk from Driru beaten to death in custody
Ngawang Jamyang[19 December] A senior monk has died in custody after his arrest in Lhasa. Ngawang Jamyang's family said his body showed clear signs he had been beaten to death. Ngawang was from Driru, Tibet Autonomous Region, where the Chinese authorities have instigated a crackdown following a series of protests...
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Chinese Embassy "intimidated" by Human Rights Day vigil
Human Rights Day vigil[12 December ] Chinese officials in London said they felt "intimidated" by activists holding a candlelit vigil outside the Chinese Embassy to mark Human Rights Day on 10 December. The Embassy refused to accept a giant postcard calling on China to make immediate reforms to improve its human rights record... read more

Self-immolation in Tibet as Cameron visits China
Kunchok-Tseten[6 December] UPDATE:
Kunchok Tseten died after self-immolating in eastern Tibet on 2 December whilst Prime Minister Cameron was in China. The father of two called for the return of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan unity. Officials cremated his body in secret. His wife and several relatives have been arrested... read moreTake Action
Cameron in China: Raises human rights but not Tibet
Cameron & Xi Jinping[5 December] UPDATE:
David Cameron has completed his three-day state visit to China. He said he raised human rights with the Chinese leadership, but not specifically Tibet. Read a selection of media reports and opinions, particularly those pertaining to Tibet and human rights issues... read more
BBC evade ban, report from inside Tibet
BBC News logo[4 December]
The BBC has secretly filmed inside Tibet, reporting on the current situation facing Tibetans. The 3-minute video includes interviews with Tibetans who talk of discrimination and the fear of arrest. It concludes, "Tibetans fear their culture is being eroded, their voices silenced" whilst China refuses to address their grievances... read morewatch video
Cameron urged to deliver human rights advocacy promise
David Cameron[29 November] PRESS RELEASE: Tibet Society and the coalition group Chinese Uyghur Tibetan Solidarity UK are calling on David Cameron to stand by his governments stated policy of advocating human rights when he meets Chinese President Xi Jinping next week in China...
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Tibet at heart of MPs debate on UK relations with China
HoC logo[22 November] On 19 November, the House of Commons hosted a three-hour debate on UK-China relations. Despite recent trade deals and the Prime Ministers upcoming trip to China, human rights were a major component of the debate, with the issue of Tibet high on the agenda...
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Overview of reports featuring Tibet in 2013
AI logo[18 November] UPDATE: Summaries of reports
featuring Tibet by human rights NGOs, governments and Tibet organisations. Recent additions include reports on internet freedom, religious repression, 'crimes against humanity', and the US Congress annual report on China... summaries & download links

UN must hold China to account over human rights
UNHRC logo[15 November] Following the election of China to the UN Human Rights Council on 12 November, Tibet Society is calling on the UN and members of the Council to hold the Chinese government to account to pledges made in its election bid, which include the protection of ethnic minority rights... read more

Monk: "I burned myself for the re-union of Tibetans"
Tsering Gyal[12 November] A Tibetan monk has died after self-immolating in eastern Tibet on 11 November. Before his death, Tsering Gyal called for Tibetans to unite and for the preservation of Tibetan language and tradition. This is the first reported self-immolation in Tibet since 28 September and the 122nd since 2009...
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Global petition on Tibet & China's candidacy to UNHRC
Avaaz logo[5 November] International activist network Avaaz has created a global petition calling on governments to urge China for a commitment to ending its hard-line policies in Tibet prior to the UN Human Rights Council election...
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Protests and crackdown in Driru, Tibet Autonomous Region
Troops in Shagchu[4 November] Tibetans in Driru are facing a harsh crackdown by Chinese authorities. At the end of September, Tibetans in Driru refused orders to fly Chinese flags from their homes, leading to arrests and protests throughout October.
Security forces violently suppressed demonstrations, resulting in four (unconfirmed) deaths and dozens of injuries... read more

China's human rights record in Tibet criticised at United Nations
UNHRC session[29 October] China's Universal Periodic Review concluded on 25 October, with 12 countries, including the UK, rasing concerns about Tibet. Issues raised included the lack of religious freedom, cultural rights and access to Tibet. China dismissed the criticisms and said "the best persons to know human rights in China are Chinese"...
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UK states concern over Tibet at UN human rights review of China
UNHRC logo[22 October] The UK expressed its concern over the human rights situation in Tibet during the UN's Universal Periodic Review of China. The UK also called on China to abolish arbitrary detention and set out a timetable to ratify the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights...
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Tibet Society urges UK to raise Tibet during China's UN review
[11 October] Tibet Society delivered a letter to Minister of State Hugo Swire and met with Foreign Office officials earlier this week to encourage the UK government to raise the situation on Tibet during China's upcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR). The review is due to be held by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on 22 October.
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Chinese troops open fire on Tibetan protestors in Driru
[11 October] At least 60 Tibetans were injured, two critically, when Chinese security forces fired into a crowd of protestors. The incident took place on 6 October in Driru county, Tibet Autonomous Region. The protesters were calling for the release of a Tibetan detained for objecting against a government campaign ordering local Tibetans to fly the Chinese from their homes
external reports: BBC I RFA I ICT

First self-immolation in Tibet in two months
Sichung[30 September] The first self-immolation in Tibet since July took place on 28 September. A Tibetan tailor and father of three self-immolated in the Ngaba region of eastern Tibet in protest against China's oppressive rule. The Chinese authorities have confiscated the body preventing traditional funeral rituals...
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Robert Ford: 1923-2013
Robert Ford in 2008[27 September] Tibet Society is sad to report that Robert Ford passed away on 20 September. Robert Ford was a life Vice President of Tibet Society. In the 1940s he set up Lhasa's first radio station before being captured and imprisoned by the Chinese invading forces in 1950. He became a close friend of the Dalai Lama and was a staunch supporter of Tibetan freedom...
read Tibet Society's obituary

Corby Council agrees to 'adopt' Tibetan village
[20 September] Corby in Northamptonshire has become the first UK council to 'adopt' a Tibetan village. The council voted to 'adopt' Rigul village in eastern Tibet. Council members plan to raise funds for health and education projects in Rigul and highlight human rights issues affecting Tibet...
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Three monks jailed for raising banned Tibetan flag
Sonam Gonpo[18 September]
Three monks from Wonpo monastery in eastern Tibet have been sentenced by a Chinese court for up to four years in prison for their involvement in protests in 2012. The protests involved pulling down a Chinese flag and replacing it with the banned Tibetan flag... read moreTake Action

Tibetan detained in connection with 2011 self-immolation
Tsewang Norbu[18 September] On 10 September, Rinchen Dargye was detained by Chinese police in connection with the self-immolation of Tsewang Norbu that took place over two years ago. Rinchen's current condition and whereabouts are not known... read more

BBC: Lhasa under heavy security and predominantly Chinese
BBC World Service logo[16 September] A BBC correspondent has reported from Lhasa that, with the large military presence and heavy security, "there is no doubting that Tibet is under Chinese control". Han Chinese outnumber Tibetans eight to one, whilst Tibetans are "effectively trapped in the region"...
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G20 leaders urged to Unite for Tibet
G20 Summit 2013 logo[4 September] Press Release: On the eve of President Xi Jinpings first major summit, the G20 Summit in St Petersburg, world leaders have been called upon to Unite for Tibetand take multilateral diplomatic action over China's occupation of Tibet...
read press release I download report

UK government calls on China to commute death sentence
UK Parliament logo[3 September] The Foreign Secretary has called upon the Chinese government to commute the death sentence of Dolma Gyab and to give him a reprieve. Dolma Gyab was sentenced to death for allegedly murdering his wife who self-immolated in March. Hague also called for "free and fair" trials in China... read moreTake Action

Yak brings Tibet message to London
Rinpo Yak & Jeremy Corbyn[28 August] Earlier this month, Rinpo Yak, a Tibetan nomad cycling across the globe to raise awareness of the Tibet issue, visited Tibet Society's office in London. Whilst in the UK he met with Jeremy Corbyn MP and representatives from various NGOs. Read more about his story on our blog... read more

Husband of self-immolator sentenced to death
Dolma Gyab[23 August] A Tibetan nomad has been sentenced to death for the alleged murder of his wife, who self-immolated on 13 March in Ngaba, eastern Tibet. It is feared torture may have been used to extract a confession from the accused and the verdict influenced by political circumstances...
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Tibetans clash with security forces at mining protest
Troop deployment in Dzatoe[20 August] Hundreds of Tibetans have taken part in protests against Chinese mining operations at three sites in eastern Tibet. Following clashes with Chinese security forces, at least eight Tibetans have been detained and dozens injured, with 15 reported to be in hospital...
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Monastery forced to close after contact with Dalai Lama
Ganden Dhargyeling monastery[16 August] Chinese authorities have forcibly closed a monastery in central Tibet following alleged communications between senior monks and the Dalai Lama. Chinas rigid control over religion in Tibet has also seen the recent cancellation of a major Buddhist ceremony in eastern Tibet and tightened security at a religious festival in Lhasa...
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Six sentenced for association with self-immolation protests
Tsultrim Kalsang[13 August] Chinese courts have sentenced six Tibetans to prison sentences for their connections to self-immolation protests. The punishments included a ten-year sentence on charges of "intentional homicide" and a four-year sentence for admitting to organising prayers and donating money to families of self-immolators...
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Mother amongst six detained following self-immolation
Kunchok Sonam[2 August] The mother of a teenage monk who died after self-immolating on 20 July was amongst at least six Tibetans detained following the protest. The detentions came after monks and local Tibetans prevented the Chinese authorities from taking his body away... r
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Overview of reports featuring Tibet in 2013
Amnesty International logo[19 July] A series of reports have been published on Tibet in the first six months of 2013 by respected human rights organisations, the US government and Tibet organisations. The reports highlight a variety of issues facing Tibetans, including human rights abuses, religious repression, lack of press freedom and forced resettlement...
summaries plus links to download full reports

Update on Tawu shootings: 11 seriously injured, three critical
Tsewang Choephel[11 July] Latest reports indicate that at least 11 people were critically or seriously injured on 6 July, when Chinese police shot into a crowd of Tibetans peacefully celebrating the Dalai Lama's birthday in Tawu, eastern Tibet. At least ten Tibetans were shot and one severely beaten.
Three remain in critical condition... read more

China calls for "absolute fight" against Dalai Lama
Yu Zhengsheng[11 July] The Chinese government has responded to recent media reports of possible softer stances in some Tibetan regions, with a top Party official calling for an "absolute fight" against the Dalai Lama and for Tibetans to "oppose actions harmful to the party's leadership and the socialist system"...
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Police open fire on Tibetans celebrating Dalai Lama's birthday
Police blockade in Tawu[9 July] At least six Tibetans have been seriously injured in eastern Tibet after Chinese police opened fire on a gathering peacefully celebrating the Dalai Lama's birthday. Other gatherings to mark the occassion took place without incident despite heavy security...
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UK-China relations - no change, no apology
China-UK flag[4 July] Tibet Society's opinion on media suggestions that the UK has capitulated to China: "The truth is there has been no change in British policy on Tibet; David Cameron has not apologised to China for meeting the Dalai Lama... [and] the governments stand on Tibet remains unaltered."... read more via blog

Hague smooths path for Cameron to visit Beijing
David Cameron[3 July] David Cameron is set to visit China in the autumn, following a phone call between the British and Chinese Foreign Ministers which has apparently repaired relations between the two countries. UK-China relations have been strained since David Cameron met with the Dalai Lama in May 2012... read more
China to forcibly resettle one million Tibetans by end of 2014
Tibetans in resettlement village[27 June] According to a Human Rights Watch report, the Chinese government are planning to forcibly resettle over one million rural Tibetans over the next 18 months. China has already resettled over two million Tibetans, mostly nomads and farmers, since 2006. The report documents extensive rights violations in China's resettlement programme...
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UNESCO fails to raise concerns about destruction of Lhasa
UNESCO logo[27 June] Despite a month-long campaign and a 100,000 strong petition delivered yesterday, concerns over China's destruction of traditional areas of Lhasa were not raised at UNESCO's World Heritage Committee Meeting. The Meeting closed today without any public statement concerning the situation in Lhasa... read press release

TAKE ACTION: Call on UNESCO to "Save Lhasa"
Save Lhasa logo 1[24 June] UNESCO's World Heritage Committee meeting is due to end on Thursday 27 June. Take action now, urging that the issue of China's re-development of Lhasa, which is destroying traditional Tibetan areas, is raised before the end of the meeting...
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Nun self-immolates at major Buddhist gathering
Wanchen Dolma[19 June] Wangchen Dolma, a 31 year-old nun, self-immolated on 11 June, during a major gathering of monks in Tawu, eastern Tibet. She died from her injuries three days later. Chinese police have refused to hand over her body to her family who have been placed under surveillance...
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What does it take for the G8 to support a solution for Tibet?
G8 2013 logo[18 June] Tibet campaigners have expressed their deep disappointment that the communique from the latest G8 Summit makes no mention of the situation in Tibet nor features any commitment to working multilaterally to tackle Chinas failed policies in the troubled region...
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Report and petition call on the G8 to "Unite for Tibet"
G8 petition delivery to No.10[17 June] Tim Loughton MP, Philippa Carrick, CEO of Tibet Society and Nyima, of Students for a Free Tibet UK, delivered a report to 10 Downing Street today, along with a 10,000 strong petition, calling on G8 leaders at the Northern Ireland summit to lead the way on a new diplomatic initiative on Tibet....
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Petition to "Save Lhasa" delivered to UNESCO
UNESCO logo[14 June] A petition signed by over 80,000 people was delivered today to UNESCO, calling on the World Heritage Committee to "Save Lhasa" from destruction by China's rapid urban development. The World Heritage Committee's annual meeting to examine the status of sites begins on 16 June...
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Seven Days in Tibet: extended undercover report
France24 logo[11 June] International news channel France24 has released an updated and more extensive version of their report "Seven Days in Tibet". The new 12-minute version offers a rare glimpse into life in Lhasa and the surrounding region and delves into the issues facing Tibetans living under the Chinese regime... read more & watch video

Four monks jailed for praying and writing about self-immolations
Gedun Tsultrim[7 June] Two monks from eastern Tibet have been imprisoned for three years each after holding prayers for a Tibetan self-immolator. Two other monks have been jailed after publishing books which contained politically sensitive material, including essays on Tibetan self-immolations...
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Displaced Tibetan nomad self-immolates
Tenzin Sherab[5 June] A Tibetan nomad, understood to have been forced to resettle by the Chinese authorities, died after setting fire to himself in the Yushu region of Qinghai province on 27 May. Tenzin Sherab's protest was the first self-immolation to occur in Tibet in over a month... read more

"The Unexpected Lobbyists": a podcast about Tibet Lobby 2013
Tibet Lobby at Westminster[30 May] Listen to a podcast about Tibet Lobby Day at Westminster in March (7 mins). Produced by The Tibet Connection, a US-based monthly radio program which features Tibet news and stories...
podcast I report I contact your MP

Traditional areas of Lhasa under threat of destruction
Construction in the Barkhor[28 May] China is 'modernising' the Tibetan quarter of Lhasa, with construction work on a massive shopping mall currently taking place in the Barkhor area. UNESCO is being called upon to investigate the matter and China urged to cease the destruction of one of few remaining traditional areas of Lhasa...
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Tibet Society submits human rights reports to Foreign Office
Tibet Society logo[24 May] Tibet Society has submitted two reports to the UK Foreign Office. One concerns political prisoners imprisoned between January and April and those recently released in ill-health. The other, published ahead of the UN's review of China's human rights record, analyses violations in Tibet since 2009... read more & download reports

Secret Lhasa footage shows oppression & cultural destruction
France24 logo[21 May] International news channel France24 has released a report, shot in secret in Lhasa, which provides compelling evidence of the Chinese regime's ongoing oppression of the Tibetan people and destruction of Tibet's culture...
read more & watch video

Global coalition urges Cameron to develop robust policy on Tibet
ITN logo[17 May] International Tibet Network, with significant input from Tibet Society, has called on David Cameron to engage with other leaders to develop a "robust policy" on Tibet. The global coalition commended the Prime Minister on resisting pressure from China to apologise for meeting the Dalai Lama...
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Take Action: Urge UK leaders not to bow to pressure from China
[10 May] Following the recent political storm between the UK and China, over David Camerons meeting with Dalai Lama in 2012, and the Foreign Offices response to Tibet Lobby 2013, Tibet Society is calling on the UK government to take positive action and stand up for the rights and freedoms of the Tibet people... TAKE ACTION

Cameron: UK gov't "does not support Tibetan independence"
UK Parliament logo[9 May] During a parliamentary debate on 8 May, David Cameron clarified the UK's position on Tibet, stating the government recognises Tibet as part of China and "does not support Tibetan independence". He said this was a "long-standing British policy" and that he was seeking a "strong and positive relationship" with China... read more

China seeks apology from UK; Clegg says UK must stand firm
Nick Clegg[8 May] China are reported to be seeking an apology from the UK over Cameron's meeting with the Dalai Lama last year. Downing Street denies there is a rift, whilst the Deputy Prime Minister has stated that the UK must continue to express its views on human rights and freedoms "in a respectful but nonetheless firm way"...
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US says China is engaged in "severe repression" of Tibet
USCIRF logo[3 May] The US government has condemned China over its "severe repression" of Tibet in two separate reports. The reports state that conditions for religious freedom in Tibet are worse now than at any time over the past decade and that human rights in Tibet  "deteriorated markedly" during 2012... read more

Three self-immolations in April bring total to 117
Chugtso[2 May] During the month of April three Tibetans self-immolated in further protests against China's oppressive rule over Tibet. All three, a young mother and two young monks, died following their protests. There have been 20 self-immolations in Tibet so far this year, and 117 in total since February 2009...
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Cameron snubbed by China for meeting Dalai Lama
David Cameron[29 Apr 2013] David Cameron has postponed an official trip to China after Beijing indicated that senior leaders were unlikely to meet him. It is believed the snub was in retaliation for the Prime Minister meeting the Dalai Lama in May 2012. The trip originally planned for April is now expected to take place in the autumn...
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Twelve Tibetans jailed for reporting and taking part in protests
Kunsang Bum[26 Apr 2013] China has jailed eight students in Chabcha for participating in protests in November 2012 and four Tibetans in Malho for distributing news and images of self-immolation protests. The sentences ranged from three to six years. A further 21 Tibetans have been detained following recent protests in Jyekundo... read more

Dalai Lama visits Londonderry & Cambridge
Dalai Lama in Londonderry[22 Apr 2013] The Dalai Lama visited the UK in mid-April as part of a whirlwind 10-day European tour. During his two days in the UK (18-19 April), he visited Londonderry and Cambridge. He was also interviewed by Channel 4 News...
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Earthquake hits Sichuan province
[21 Apr 2013: UPDATE] A powerful earthquake hit Sichuan province on 20 April. The epicentre was in Lushan county, 120km west of Chengdu. Over 200 people are reported to have been killed. So far, there have been no reports of effects on Tibetan areas of Sichuan province... Reuters I BBC I NY Times

New security measures introduced as Tibet crackdown deepens
Police post in Lhasa[11 Apr 2013] Tibetans are being subjected to new security measures and restrictions as China continues to intensify its crackdown in Tibet in an effort to eradicate dissent and stop information from reaching the outside world. Human Rights Watch says surveillance is now a pervasive part of life" in Tibet... read more

Foreign Ministers called upon to raise Tibet during G8 meeting
Tibet Society logo[10 Apr 2013] Tibet Society, in conjunction with International Tibet Network, has sent a letter to the G8 Foreign Ministers, who are attending a preparatory meeting in London ahead of the June Summit, urging them to demand China ends the crackdown in Tibet and review its policies in the region... read letter

Two long-term Tibetan political prisoners released
Jigme Gyatso[8 Apr 2013] UPDATE: The Chinese authorities have released two of Tibet's longest serving political prisoners. Jigme Gyatso and Dawa Gyaltsen were jailed in the mid-1990s for promoting Tibetan independence. Both men were tortured and mistreated whilst in prison and have been released in ill-health...

Six self-immolations in Tibet during March
Kalkyi[5 Apr 2013] During March six Tibetans self-immolated in eastern Tibet. Two occurred on significant dates; the eve of the appointment of Xi Jinping as President of China, and the fifth anniversary of the killing of Tibetan protestors by Chinese police in Ngaba. So far in 2013 there have been 17 self-immolations...
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Jailed for having photos of self-immolators on mobile
Ngawang Tobden[21 Mar 2013] A young Tibetan has been sentenced to two years imprisonment after being found to have "political" images on his mobile phone, including the Tibetan national flag and photos of two Tibetan self-immolators...
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Chinese Embassy letter[15 Mar 2013] Tibetans and Tibet supporters gathered across the UK to mark the 54th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising. Marches were held in London and Edinburgh, with local events in
Northampton, Corsham, Chipping Norton and Lampeter. Tibet Lobby called on MPs to take action for Tibet... read reportphotosLobby your MP I Local events

Chinas rule in Tibet challenged by Tibetans and activists
Tibet Society logo[9 Mar 2013] PRESS RELEASE: On the anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan National Uprising, Tibetans and campaigners in the UK will be calling on David Cameron to speak up for Tibetans rights and urging China's incoming President, Xi Jinping, to revoke Chinas failed policies in Tibet read press release

Protests continue despite harsh sentences for demonstrators
Tashi Dhargyal[1 Mar 2013]
Tibetans in Tibet continue to protest against China's rule, even as harsh sentences are handed out to those involved in demonstrations in 2012. Five Tibetans have been imprisoned for up to 14 years for "leading" protests last year, whilst fresh protests have led to at least 12 detentions... more

Seven self-immolations over two week period marking Losar
Rinchen[28 Feb 2013] Seven Tibetans self-immolated in Tibet over the two week period marking Losar, the Tibetan New Year. Six of the seven died, with the condition of the seventh unknown. Despite a Chinese government crackdown to stop self-immolation protests there have been 11 cases in 2013, bringing the overall total to 107...

Lords debate highlights out of date government policy on Tibet
[27 Feb 2013] A debate in the House of Lords has highlighted the British government's out of date policy on Tibet, which calls for "substantive dialogue" between China and the Dalai Lama. However, the Dalai Lama retired from political duties in 2011. Instead, the UK should be calling for talks with representatives of the Tibetan people, such as the Tibetan government in exile...

Harsh sentences and arrests for association with self-immolators
Labrang sentencing[15 Feb 2013]
Seven Tibetans have been given heavy prison sentences for alleged connections with self-immolators. The sentences, ranging from three to 13 years, come as China continues to intensify its campaign to demonise and criminalise association with self-immolation protests. In Malho, over 70 Tibetans have been detained in relation to self-immolations, with at least 12 formal arrests... more

British MPs appeal to China to listen to Tibetan grievances
UK Parliament logo[13 Feb 2013] PRESS RELEASE: Whilst expressing their deep concern that 100 Tibetans have now self-immolated, British MPs have condemned China's crackdown in Tibet and called on the Chinese government to examine their policies in Tibet and urgently address the grievances of the Tibetan people...
read press release

Monk becomes 100th Tibetan to self-immolate under China's rule
Lobsang Namgyal[13 Feb 2013] A monk from Kirti monastery in Ngaba, eastern Tibet has become the 100th Tibetan living under China's rule to self-immolate since 2009. Lobsang Namgyal is reported to have died at the scene. The incident took place on 3 February; the delay in reporting due to the Chinese government's tight controls restricting the flow of information from Tibet...
moreTake Action

Tibetan monk sentenced to death for "inciting self-immolations"
Lobsang Kunchok & Lobsang Tsering trial[31 Jan 2013] A Chinese court has found two Tibetans guilty of "intentional homicide" for allegedly inciting self-immolations. One received a suspended death sentence, the other a 10-year prison sentence. It is feared both were forced to confess to the charges. The Chinese government claim the 'Dalai clique' masterminded the self-immolations using "evil and malicious methods"... moreTake Action

Four monks imprisoned following self-immolations
Tsodun monastery[22 Jan 2013] Four monks from Tsodun monastery in eastern Tibet have been given long prison sentences by the Chinese government. The sentences, ranging from two years to ten years, are believed to be in connection with self-immolations by three Tsodun monks in 2012...
more I Take Action

Chinese government intensifies its crackdown in Tibet
Kanlho notice[21 Jan 2013] In recent months, the Chinese government has intensified its campaign to stop protests, particularly self-immolations, and prevent information from spreading. As well as 'standard' security measures, punishments have been imposed for those with connections to self-immolations and funerals and prayer services for self-immolators banned...
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First self-immolation of 2013; family barred from holding funeral
Tsering Tashi[14 Jan 2013] The first self-immolation of 2013 has taken place in Tibet. On 12 January, Tsering Tashi died after setting fire to himself in Amchok, eastern Tibet. The authorities enforced a government ban on funerals for self-immolators and prevented the family from holding traditional rituals for the deceased
... moreTake Action

Self-immolation total reaches 95 overall; 82 in 2012
Sungdue Kyab[9 Jan 2013] The month of December saw a further five self-immolation protests in Tibet. Thousands of Tibetans attended the funeral services despite restrictions and heightened security measures. There were 82 self-immolations recorded in Tibet in 2012, with the overall total reaching 95...
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