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[6 April 2009] The Tibetan government has released very rare footage of the inhuman treatment of innocent Tibetans demanding their human rights in last years uprising in Tibet. The graphic footage is highly disturbing and only confirms the brutal measures and sufferings of Tibetans by the Chinese police and soldiers in suppressing unarmed Tibetans.

The clip gives a shocking glimpse of what Tibetans can expect to encounter if they do no more than peacefully protest for their human and civil rights. This has been the reality for Tibetans for over 50 years.

Tibetans who attempt to pass on any information about the protests or the crackdown to the outside world risk detention, torture and imprisonment. In November last year Norzin Wangmo, a Tibetan woman and former Chinese cadre, was sentenced to five years in prison for passing information through the phone and internet about the situation in Tibet.

Tibet today is a nation under de facto martial law, cut off from the outside world, with no media access, its people effectively gagged and silenced. Meanwhile China continues to get away with its portrayal of Tibet as being a liberated country and condemns any evidence to the contrary as lies. It is time China's lies are exposed.

At the age of 28, Palden Gyatso was arrested in Tibet in 1959 for peacefully demonstrating against the Chinese occupiers. He spent the next 33 years in jail or labour camp, suffering horrific torture and deprivation. He has survived his ordeal and can give first hand testimony of treatment meted out by the Chinese regime, but many thousands of Tibetans have not survived and died whilst in detention. Palden has submitted testimony to the currentlawsuit in the Spanish courts against Jiang Zemin and other Chinese high ranking officials.


 On 21 March, Lama Lobsang, received the news that his best friend, Tashi Sangpo (28), a Tibetan monk based in Amdo Golok Ragya monastery, committed suicide by throwing himself in to the Machu river. He was driven to this ultimate act of protest by his intense frustration and despair at the continuing situation in Tibet.

The video footage with supported reports and these horrific two stories which one began at the very begining of China's illegal occupation and the second in todays present situation, only proves China's harmonious Tibet is infact China's harmonious oppresstion on Tibet.

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