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China's contempt for the rule of law in Tibet: report
Tibet Society logo[12 September] Tibet Society has handed in a report to the UK Foreign Office outlining recent cases in Tibet where the Chinese government has blatantly disregarded the rule of law. Tibet Society has asked for these cases to be raised with Chinese officials in upcoming meetings and dialogues... read more I download report

Senior lama blesses Tibet Society's new office
Office blessing[11 September] On 8 September, Tibet Society and Tibet Relief Fund's new office in Haggerston, London, was officially opened with a blessing by senior lama Chime Rinpoche. Guests included Chonpel Tsering, the newly appointed Dalai Lama's Representative for the UK and Northern Europe...
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Defiant monk jailed for five years
Jigme Guri[9 September] Jigme Guri, a monk from Labrang monastery renowned for speaking up against China's oppressive policies in Tibet, has been sentenced to five years' imprisonment for "splittist activities". Jigme Guri has been in detention since August 2011. The exact reason for his arrest is still not known...
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Loshu: two more deaths, detainee beaten, two arrested for photos
Sershul protest[4 September] Update: Further details have emerged from Loshu; a Chinese policeman died from 'friendly fire' in the 12 August  incident; the wife of a detainee has committed suicide; a woman has been severely beaten whilst in detention; and, two men have been arrested for taking photos of the protest... read moreTake Action

Imprisoned Tibetan lama found to be in serious ill-health
Phurbu Rinpoche[28 August] A senior Tibetan lama, in custody since 2008, has been found in serious ill-health due to torture and harsh prison conditions. In other news from Tibet, a monk has been jailed for nine years on unknown charges and a blogger has been detained for criticising China's welfare policies in Tibet...
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Three more Tibetans die from injuries after Loshu shooting
Sershul protest[20 August] UPDATE: The death toll from the Loshu incident on 12 August has reached five, as three more Tibetans have succumbed to their injuries. One of the dead is the uncle of Wangdak, the village chief whose initial arrest prompted the protest in Loshu, eastern Tibet... read moreTake Action

Take action on the shooting of protestors in Loshu
Sershul protest[19 August] Write to Chinese officials calling on the authorities in Loshu to provide medical treatment for those injured during the violent suppression of the 12 August protest, and to release all those detained. Join the vigil in London at 6pm on Wed 20 August to express solidarity with Tibetans in Loshu... Take ActionJoin the vigil

'Unanimous approval' at Chinese forum on Tibet rejected
Lhasa forum[18 August] A state-run forum in Lhasa, attended by international delegates including the UK's Lord Davidson, ended with a declaration that Tibetans live in "social harmony" and "enjoy a happy life". However, the claim of unanimous approval for the declaration was rejected by a New Zealand politician in attendance...
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Two deaths after protest shootings; injured denied treatment
Sershul protest[18 August] Two Tibetans involved in the Loshu protest on 12 August have died, one from untreated wounds, the other committed suicide whilst in detention. There are accusations the Chinese authorities are denying medical treatment to those injured during the protest... read moreTake Action
Chinese police open fire on Tibetan protestors; ten injured
Sershul protest[15 August] At least ten Tibetans were seriously injured when Chinese police fired into a crowd of protestors in Sichuan province on 12 August. The protestors were calling for the release of a detained village leader. Many Tibetans have been detained, as security is tighented in the region...
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Senior UK politician tells China media 'people live happily' in Tibet
[14 August]
Lord Davidson, whilst attending an international forum in Lhasa, has been quoted by Chinese state media as complementing the development of Tibet, saying "people live happily", and criticising western media for painting a distorted picture of Tibet. It is not clear if the remarks were taken out of context... read more

Greenpeace exposes illegal mining on Tibetan plateau
Muli coalfield (Greenpeace)[8 August] Chinese-owned open-pit coal mines are endangering the fragile ecosystem of the Tibetan plateau and some are operating
illegally in protected nature zones, according to a new report published by Greenpeace... read more

Harsh jail sentences for protestors; detainees "severely beaten"
[7 August] China has jailed six Tibetans for up to 12 years for taking part in anti-mining protests; eight Tibetans have been sentenced for up to nine years for alleged links to a petrol bomb explosion; and a further group of Tibetans have been "severely beaten" whilst in detention...
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New campaign calling for release of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche
TDR poster[31 July] Take a "solidarity selfie" and add your voice to the global campaign calling on the Chinese government to release Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, a senior Tibetan monk serving a life sentence on false charges. Tenzin Delek has been in jail since 2002 and there are now serious concerns for his health...
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Tibet Society has moved
Tibet Society logo[24 July] Tibet Society has moved offices. We have left Finsbury Park after 13 years and are now located in Haggerston (near the trendy Shoreditch). New address: 2 Baltic Place, London N1 5AQ. Tel: 020 7923 0021. (Note: post sent to our old address will be redirected.)

Human rights activists call on China to end repression of Uyghurs
Uyghur flag[4 July] On the eve of the 5th anniversary of the Urumqi massacre, Tibet Society has joined with Uyghurs and human rights activists, to call upon China to investigate the massacre, account for the dead and missing, and end the repression in East Turkestan...
read press releasejoin London demo 3pm, 5 July

Concerns for Khenpo Kartse as denied bail and charges changed
Khenpo Kartse[27 June] Khenpo Kartse, a senior monk detained in December 2013, has been refused bail and had his charges changed to "illegal harbouring" and "divulging state secrets". Khenpo is in serious ill-health, has limited access to his lawyer and is being denied access to a doctor and visits by his family... read moreTake Action

Cameron silent on Tibet as Premier Li confronted by protests
Protests at Downing Street[20 June] The UK government sidelined Tibet and human rights in favour of trade during the Chinese Premier’s visit to London. However, despite the failure of the Prime Minister to express concern, Tibet Society helped to keep Tibet on the media’s agenda and ensure Premier Li was aware Tibet had not been forgotten...
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Demonstrations during Chinese Premier's visit to UK
Tibet Freedom March 2014[17-18 June] Join the protests in London. Show your support for Tibetan freedom and call on Cameron to raise Tibet and human rights with Premier Li. Updates on twitter @tibetsociety
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Deputy PM says China guilty of 'large scale' human rights abuses
Nick Clegg[16 June] Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said that China is guilty of “large scale and systematic” human rights abuses. He also said he hopes to meet the Dalai Lama again. The comments came as Chinese Premier landed in the UK for a three-day visit...
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Cameron: Do not allow China to buy your silence on human rights
Tibet Society logo[16 June] Press Release: David Cameron is urged to use the Chinese Premier's visit to speak out on human rights and make a public statement calling on China to uphold human rights values, adhere to the rule of law and implement political reform... read more

Chinese Premier demands meeting with the Queen
The Queen & Hu Jintao, 2005[13 June] China has threatened to cancel Premier Li's upcoming UK visit unless he is allowed to meet the Queen. The meeting is now expected to happen next week. Tibet Society responded saying, "Such acquiescence [by the UK] must not be at the price of speaking out on Tibet and human rights”...
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Chinese Premier to visit UK 17-19 June 2014: Take Action
Li Keqiang[12 June] Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is due to visit the UK on 17-19 June, during which time he is expected to meet the Queen, Prime Minister Cameron and various business leaders. Take Action: Write to David Cameron and urge him to raise Tibet with Premier Li. Demonstrations to be announced...
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Reclaiming Tiananmen 2014: Report
Vigil[10 June] To mark the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Tibet Society worked with Chinese, Uyghur and Tibetan activists to host a series of events to remember those who lost their lives, highlight the need for truth and justice and continue the campaign for human rights in China...
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Tibetan filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen released from prison
[5 June] Dhondup Wangchen, imprisoned in 2008 for making a documentary in Tibet, has finally been released, several months after his six-year sentence expired. Though likely still under police surveillance, Dhondup has spoken to his cousin in Switzerland saying he hopes to recover his health soon...
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Tiananmen Square: The wound that remains unhealed
Reclaiming Tiananmen[3 June] PRESS RELEASE: On the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Chinese Uyghur & Tibetan Solidarity UK calls on China to end its censorship of the 1989 protests and massacre, stop the persecution of survivors and instigate measures to bring about justice...
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Tiananmen 'Tank Man' re-enacted in Trafalgar Square
Tank man in Trafalgar Square[2 June] The famous scene of an anonymous Chinese man stopping a convoy of tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989 has been re-enacted in Trafalgar Square to highlight the 25th anniversary of the Beijing protests and massacre...
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