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Human rights activists call on China to end repression of Uyghurs
Uyghur flag[4 July] On the eve of the 5th anniversary of the Urumqi massacre, Tibet Society has joined with Uyghurs and human rights activists, to call upon China to investigate the massacre, account for the dead and missing, and end the repression in East Turkestan...
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Concerns for Khenpo Kartse as denied bail and charges changed
Khenpo Kartse[27 June] Khenpo Kartse, a senior monk detained in December 2013, has been refused bail and had his charges changed to "illegal harbouring" and "divulging state secrets". Khenpo is in serious ill-health, has limited access to his lawyer and is being denied access to a doctor and visits by his family... read moreTake Action

Cameron silent on Tibet as Premier Li confronted by protests
Protests at Downing Street[20 June] The UK government sidelined Tibet and human rights in favour of trade during the Chinese Premier’s visit to London. However, despite the failure of the Prime Minister to express concern, Tibet Society helped to keep Tibet on the media’s agenda and ensure Premier Li was aware Tibet had not been forgotten...
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Demonstrations during Chinese Premier's visit to UK
Tibet Freedom March 2014[17-18 June] Join the protests in London. Show your support for Tibetan freedom and call on Cameron to raise Tibet and human rights with Premier Li. Updates on twitter @tibetsociety
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Deputy PM says China guilty of 'large scale' human rights abuses
Nick Clegg[16 June] Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said that China is guilty of “large scale and systematic” human rights abuses. He also said he hopes to meet the Dalai Lama again. The comments came as Chinese Premier landed in the UK for a three-day visit...
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Cameron: Do not allow China to buy your silence on human rights
Tibet Society logo[16 June] Press Release: David Cameron is urged to use the Chinese Premier's visit to speak out on human rights and make a public statement calling on China to uphold human rights values, adhere to the rule of law and implement political reform... read more

Chinese Premier demands meeting with the Queen
The Queen & Hu Jintao, 2005[13 June] China has threatened to cancel Premier Li's upcoming UK visit unless he is allowed to meet the Queen. The meeting is now expected to happen next week. Tibet Society responded saying, "Such acquiescence [by the UK] must not be at the price of speaking out on Tibet and human rights”...
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Chinese Premier to visit UK 17-19 June 2014: Take Action
Li Keqiang[12 June] Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is due to visit the UK on 17-19 June, during which time he is expected to meet the Queen, Prime Minister Cameron and various business leaders. Take Action: Write to David Cameron and urge him to raise Tibet with Premier Li. Demonstrations to be announced...
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Reclaiming Tiananmen 2014: Report
Vigil[10 June] To mark the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Tibet Society worked with Chinese, Uyghur and Tibetan activists to host a series of events to remember those who lost their lives, highlight the need for truth and justice and continue the campaign for human rights in China...
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Tibetan filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen released from prison
[5 June] Dhondup Wangchen, imprisoned in 2008 for making a documentary in Tibet, has finally been released, several months after his six-year sentence expired. Though likely still under police surveillance, Dhondup has spoken to his cousin in Switzerland saying he hopes to recover his health soon...
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Tiananmen Square: The wound that remains unhealed
Reclaiming Tiananmen[3 June] PRESS RELEASE: On the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Chinese Uyghur & Tibetan Solidarity UK calls on China to end its censorship of the 1989 protests and massacre, stop the persecution of survivors and instigate measures to bring about justice...
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Tiananmen 'Tank Man' re-enacted in Trafalgar Square
Tank man in Trafalgar Square[2 June] The famous scene of an anonymous Chinese man stopping a convoy of tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989 has been re-enacted in Trafalgar Square to highlight the 25th anniversary of the Beijing protests and massacre...
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Reclaiming Tiananmen 2014 - events in London
Tiananmen Square protests 1989[28 May] A series of events to mark the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, including an exhibition, panel discussion and vigil... read more (Organised by Tibet Society, Amnesty International UK & Chinese Uyghur Tibetan Solidarity.)
Jigme Gyatso escapes from Tibet, arrives safely in exile
Jigme Gyatso[21 May] Former political prisoner Jigme Gyatso arrived safely in Dharamsala, northern India on 18 May, having managed to evade capture and escape from Tibet. The monk and activist is probably best known in exile for assisting Dhondup Wangchen on the film Leaving Fear Behind...
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UK urged to denounce China's policy in Tibet at bilateral dialogue
Tibet Society logo[16 May] Press Release: Tibet Society urges the UK government to use the UK-China Human Rights Dialogue on 20-21 May to stand up for Tibet and call on China to end its crackdown in Tibet and peacefully resolve the grievances of the Tibetan people…
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Call on your European Parliament candidate to sign Tibet pledge
EU flag[9 May] Tibet Society is supporting International Campaign for Tibet's European Parliament elections campaign 2014 for Tibet. The elections take place on 22 May. Ask your MEP and candidates to sign the pledge and stand for the rights and freedoms of the people of Tibet...
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UK government fails to address Tibet Lobby concerns
Tibet Lobby logo[8 May] The UK government has failed to address specific concerns raised during Tibet Lobby 2014, including urging China to repeal the death penalty in connection with self-immolations and ensuring Tibet is incorporated into the UK's National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights...
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Two Tibetan political prisoners in international spotlight
HRF prize[7 May] The cases of two Tibetan political prisoners have been given international prominence with the award of the 2014 Vaclav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent to Dhondup Wangchen and the recognition of Jigme Gyatso as one of 100 "information heroes" to mark World Press Freedom Day...
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London to host world premiere of UK-Tibetan movie Little Tibet 2
Little Tibet 2 poster[30 April] PRESS RELEASE: The world premiere of Little Tibet 2, hosted by Tibet Society, will be held on Saturday 17 May 2014 at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square, London. "The film is both compelling and, at times, unexpectedly moving." "It is an amazing achievement."... read press release

Tibet's missing Panchen Lama turns 25
Gedhun Choekyi Nyima[25 April] Today is the 25th birthday of the Panchen Lama, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima. Gedhun was abducted by the Chinese authorities in 1996 at the age of six, just days after the Dalai Lama recognised him as the reincarnation of the 10th Panchen Lama... read more I Take Action: call on China to release Gedhun immediately

Harsh measures continue as self-immolations reach 130
Thinley Namgyal[17 April] On 15 April, Thinley Namgyal became the 130th Tibetan in Tibet to self-immolate in protest against China's rule. The Chinese authorities continue their policy of confiscating self-immolators' bodies, cremating them without family consent and arbitrarily detaining relatives and colleagues...
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Tibet Society talks directly to UK Foreign Secretary
[10 April] At the launch of the UK's annual Human Rights Report, two activists, from Tibet Society and Students for a Free Tibet UK, had an unexpected opportunity to speak directly with Foreign Secretary William Hague. Key issues on Tibet were raised during the four-minute conversation with Mr Hague...
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China calls off human rights dialogue with UK
China-UK flag[10 April] Tibet Society has just learned that the UK-China Human Rights Dialogue, due to take place on 14-15 April, has been cancelled. Sources say that China unilaterally called the meeting off due to disagreements with the UK... read more

12 Years A Prisoner: Tenzin Delek Rinpoche
Tenzin Delek Rinpoche[7 April] Twelve years ago today, Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, a highly respected Tibetan monk and community leader was arrested by the Chinese authorities. Falsely accused of "causing explosions", he is now serving a life sentence. Take action calling for his release...
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ACTION: Call on UK to raise Tibet at human rights dialogue
China-UK flag[3 April] The UK-China Human Rights Dialogue takes place on 14-15 April. Tibet Society, as part of a coalition, has submitted a briefing paper to the UK government outlining key concerns and recommendations that should be raised during the Dialogue. Take Action: Call on the UK government to raise concerns over Tibet as well as Tibetan prisoner cases that have just come to light...
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Uprising 2014 report: "I Am What I Am - Tibetan!"
Tibet Freedom March 2014[20 March] A full report on events held in the UK to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising. Events included a wreath-laying ceremony at Westminster Abbey, a lobby of parliament and the Tibet Freedom March and Rally in London...
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UK MPs, Tibetans and Tibet supporters in round-table discussion
APPGT drop-in[19 March] On 12 March, Tibetans and Tibet supporters met members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet
during the Tibet Lobby at Houses of Parliament in London. A lively round-table discussion was held with questions being asked of MPs and a discussion on a variety of topics... read overview of discussion

"I Am What I Am": Speeches from the Tibet Freedom Rally
Ugyen Choephell[18 March] The Tibet Freedom March & Rally in London on 15 March attracted over 500 Tibetans and Tibet supporters. A full report will be published soon.
Read speech by Tibetan artist Ugyen Choephell, speech by Tibet Justice Center's Iona Liddell and the Sikyong's 10 March statement. View photos on facebook

Uprising Day letter delivered to PM, Chinese Embassy refuses
Downing Street delivery[17 March] On 15 March, to mark the anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising a letter from a coalition of Tibet groups was delivered to 10 Downing Street. The Chinese Embassy refused access to deliver a similar letter (which has since been posted.)
Read  letter to the Prime Minister & letter to the Chinese Ambassador

Obama reiterates support for genuine autonomy for Tibet
The Dalai Lama and President Obama[24 February] After meeting the Dalai Lama, President Obama has reiterated his support for the 'Middle Way Approach' (which seeks genuine autonomy for Tibet) and for the preservation of Tibet's religion, culture and language. Obama also expressed "deep concern" over the worsening human rights situation in Tibet....
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President Obama due to meet the Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama and Obama[21 February] The US President is due to meet the Dalai Lama in Washington today. China has already responded, calling for the meeting to be cancelled and saying the meeting would "seriously impair China-US relations"...
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Self-immolator's family denied traditional funeral rituals
[20 February] A former monk, who self-immolated on 13 February and died two days later, has been cremated without his family's consent. Lobsang Dorje's family were denied the opportunity to perform traditional funeral rituals, despite appealing to the authorities to hand over the body...
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Action: Urge Spain to resist pressure from China over Tibet
Jiang Zemin[10 February] Sign the international petition calling on the Spanish government not to bow to pressure from China over a ground-breaking Tibet lawsuit. The Chinese government wants Spain to reverse a judicial decision that implicates Chinese leaders of genocide in Tibet...
Sign petition I Reuters article (7 Feb)

Protestor dies in detention; two others given harsh sentences
Dorje Dragtsel[7 February] A Tibetan man, detained following his participation in protests against mining operations in Driru, has died in custody. It is feared Konchok Dakpa was tortured to death.
Dorje Dragtsel (pictured) and Kelsang Choklang have received lengthy prison sentences for their alleged roles in recent protests in Driru... read more

First self-immolation in Tibet in 2014
Phagmo Samdrub[7 February] A Tibetan man set himself on fire in Malho, eastern Tibet on 6 February, in the first self-immolation protest to take place in Tibet this year. Phagmo Samdrub was taken away by Chinese security forces but is not known if he survived...
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Hundreds detained for expressing Tibetan unity
[31 January] Chinese authorities in the Chamdo region of Tibet have detained nearly 500 Tibetans for taking part in a grassroots unity campaign. In a separate incident a Tibetan has been detained and tortured after Dalai Lama photos and speeches were found on his mobile phone...
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China sentences Xu Zhiyong to four years' imprisonment
Xu Zhiyong[27 January] A Chinese court has jailed Xu Zhiyong, a Chinese rights advocate and Tibet supporter, for four years on charges of "gathering crowds to disrupt public order". On being sentenced, Xu told the court that "the last shred of dignity of China's rule of law" had been destroyed... read BBC report I Huffington Post analysis

Detained monk in ill-health; refused access to lawyer and family
Khenpo Kartse[24 January] UPDATE: Khenpo Kartse, a senior monk detained in December on suspicion of “endangering state security”, is understood to be in seriously ill-health. His family and lawyer have been refused access. However, sixteen monks, previously detained calling for his release, have been released... read moreTake Action

Tibet campaigners call on China to release Xu Zhiyong
Xu Zhiyong[21 January] PRESS RELEASE: A global coalition of Tibet organisations, including Tibet Society, has expressed concern about the trial of Xu Zhiyong, a Chinese rights advocate and Tibet supporter, who is being tried on charges of “assembling a crowd to disrupt order in a public place”...
read press releaseBBC report on trial

16 Tibetans detained for urging release of senior monk
Khenpo Kartse[16 January] On 21 December, 16 Tibetans were detained in relation to mass protests calling for the release of Khenpo Kartse, a senior monk who was detained earlier in the month on suspicion of “endangering state security”. Amnesty International has issued an Urgent Action on behalf of those detained...
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Driru monasteries forced to close; three jailed over protests
Trinley Tsekar[10 January 2014] China's crackdown in Driru continues following the refusal last year by local Tibetans to fly the Chinese flag from their homes. Monasteries have been forcibly closed, three Tibetans jailed for up to 13 years for allegedly instigating protests, and three others detained on suspicion of burning a Chinese flag...
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