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Little Tibet, a film about the search for Tibetan culture outside of Tibet, is available to purchase on DVD.

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Little Tibet posterLittle Tibet
This beautifully-shot film follows Sonam, a UK-based Tibetan, on a voyage of discovery to Ladakh, in search of his living cultural identity. Both moving and funny, the film is accompanied by a fresh narrative describing the challenges faced travelling through inhospitable terrain, the warmth of welcomes, eccentric encounters, living traditions and evocative vistas of the dramatic and unspoilt landscape.

Little Tibet makes a large splash
Little Tibet world premiere[17 September 2011] Little Tibet was greeted with great adulation at its world premiere in London. The feature film, the directoral debut of UK-based Tibetan Nawang N. Anja-Tsang (Sonam), was screened to a packed audience at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, the heart of the UK's cinematic industry.

Anticipation built before the screening as Sonam and his co-director Joseph Brett, posed for photographs outside the cinema alongside a large poster advertsing the film. Sonam admitted to feeling a bit anxious before the screening. "I just hope people enjoy it," he said. Joseph added, "Now that I see the poster at the cinema, I realise our work over the past two years is finally coming to fruition!"

Little Tibet world premiereOver 250 people filled the auditorium to watch the 90 minute film. Applause broke out as the film started. Throughout the movie there was laughter and gasps as Sonam's journey to Ladakh unfolded and audible murmurs of fascination and wonder at the breathtaking vistas. At the end, as the credits rolled, a great burst of applause rang out and Sonam and Joseph were cheered onto the stage for a 30 minute question and answer session, chaired by the CEO of Tibet Society, Philippa Carrick.

During the Q&A, Sonam and Joseph explained their motivations behind the film, provided some anecdotes of their experience in making the film and reflected on life for Tibetans living outside Tibet. Philippa dealt with questions concerning the politics of China's occupation of Tibet and the difficult balance exiled communities face in integrating into daily life in their host country whilst at the same time preserving their own culture.

Little Tibet world premiereAfter the screening Sonam and Joseph signed DVDs of the film which were on sale (and can be bought online from Tibet Society). As people offered their congratulations to the Directors, phrases and words such as "visually stunning", "insightful" and "motivating" were often heard.

At the post-event celebration Sonam and Joseph thanked Tibet Society for their assistance in organising the world premiere. Sonam said, "This screening would not have been possible without Tibet Society's help. My dream is now becoming reality. I hope this film reaches new audiences and shows people that Tibetan culture is not only unique but worth saving."

Little Tibet world premiere Little Tibet world premiere Little Tibet world premiere
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Film synopsis
Sonam is about to go on a journey to one of the highest places on earth. As a Tibetan who can no longer return to his own country, Sonam is in search of Tibet outside of Tibet. Could Ladakh be that place?

Ladakh, in the northern most part of India, is often known as Little Tibet. It borders Tibet and shares much of its culture, language and landscape. Here, in this remote, high altitude land, Sonam finds the beauty of his culture both preserved and living.

During his journey across the breathtaking landscape of the Himalayas, through rain, snow and desert, Sonam discovers ancient Tibetan monasteries and talks with nomads in Chang Thang, the pasture-lands that once stretched over the Indo-Tibetan border. He sees His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama give teachings to an audience of thousands, joins in the celebrations of a Tibetan wedding and encounters marmots.

In this land still rich in Tibetan culture, he finds the gems of his lost homeland, but he cannot cross the tantalisingly close border and return to Tibet.

Film length: Approx. 90 mins. Narrated in English, with English subtitles in places.
A documentary by Nawang N. Anja-Tsang and Joseph Brett. A Kunga production, presented by Cabal Studios.

Biography of the Directors
Sonam & Joe Nawang N Anja-Tsang (Sonam) is a Tibetan who spent his childhood in India, and went to school in Dharamsala. He moved to London in 1999, and  worked for 6 years as an extra in the film industry, gaining a knowledge of film making. During this time he came to feel that many of the Tibetan films he saw were either too religious or too political.  

Sonam met film-maker Joseph Brett in 2008 when he was interviewed by him as part of a college documentary on the Tibet cause. Since graduating Joseph has worked directing music videos and as a freelance editor. Little Tibet is his first feature length project.

In 2010 Sonam had the idea to make a documentary about Ladakh in the form of a personal road trip, searching for the rich and beautiful tibetan traditions which still survive in this remote and fascinating area, but which are denied him through being unable to return to his own homeland. He contacted Joseph to ask if he'd be interested in being involved, who immediately agreed. Late in the summer of 2010 the duo left for India.

It is hoped that through showing Sonam's experiences travelling in Ladakh, or ‘Little Tibet’, a wider audience can be reached and  made aware of what is being lost on so many levels - cultural, political, religious and ecological -  in the real Tibet today.









Further details
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